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Thread: 1/05 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I don't know them well enough right now to say one way or another, but I think the girl who won the Supermodel thing should have been given another chance over another weaker one kept.
    Just my opinion.
    "Being famous does not make you a hero." Zeus in Hercules

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    I was really impressed by the show today.. It definitely exceeded my expectations, well until the eliminations that was. I thought that was stupid and that the reasons they gave weren't all that great..

    But I liked how the judges watched them at the shoot, and how they all (well just about) knew how to walk the runway and were decent at it, all unlike ANTM in which the judges only see the final photos and don't know anything that happened at the shoot, and a lott of the girls on ANTM can't walk, even by the end. (sorry, major run-on sentence) Anyways my point is I thought that ANTM couldn't be touched but this potentially could be just as good/better.

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    I watched the show but wasn't impressed. Not sure if it's cuz all these shows are the same now and all fixed to some extent or what. Maybe it was telling that girl she had love handles and a saggy a$$, hey if I had love handles that looked like that, i'd be pleased.

    It was also disgusting to see the girls freaking out over cake and not wanting to gain 5 lbs cuz noone would want to see them on the cover of SI, Puh-leeeeze! Whatever!

    The best part was the Duran Duran music playing in the background

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    I think Krisi took outstanding pictures on the beach from what they showed us. Camera just loved her. Right now I am expecting her to win it all unless her shyness comes to way (at least I think it was her they referred to as very shy), but it seems like she sheds the shy act when she is in front of a camera. She was really the only girl who had the "it" factor in my eyes (and I am not referring to the size of her boobs there was just something special about her).

    I thought the show in general was kind of fun to watch. Yes the judges were quite cruel, but it is a cruel industry, and at least they are telling the girls what they really need to focus on in order to make it. And the cake scene was a little disturbing, seeds of eating disorders there...
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    It looks like this is going to be a well-made show. I thought it was going to be good, but it's definately much better than what I was expecting. It's somewhat like ANTM, but made to appeal to both girls AND guys, even though I'm a guy who watches ANTM.

    The girls on SI:SMS have the look that guys like more so than on ANTM, plus you don't see all of the obviously gay photographers and judges like on ANTM, no offense intended.

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    the show was okay

    something to watch for now

    betti, grates on my nerves, she's 26, not 36 what is with the I'm so mature act?

    kristi---quite dense lol---kinda reminds me of the christian girl from the first america's next top model

    i thought that girl alicia---had a terrible bathing suit---was cracking up when they said she had sagging butt cheeks LOL

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    Who's going to do the recap of SI:SMS because i cant watch? And if i could there was no way i was passing up a new Lost and the two hour premiere of Alias.

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    I dislike betti, she has a chip on her shoulder and I don't think she's that attractive.

    As for Krisi, I thought she had a beautiful face in her photo, my main problem with her was her implants. Now that I see her on the show I am kind of dissapointed. Is she really every guys dream? Her face is average at best. Do guys really think she's drop dead gorgeous? Can you compare her to Heidi Klum or Gisele? The only reason that I'm picking on her is that I just don't see a stunning woman in person albeit her photos are fantastic (I see it in them).

    As for Nancy being eliminated, it's kind of dissapointing; she had a great body and beautiful skin.

    Stacy should have gone. Her face is very unattractive in my opinion - and she has bad teeth.

    As a matter of fact, quite a few of the girls have bad teeth despite their other attributes. I wonder what's up with that. I would think that nice straight teeth would be pretty important for a model.

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    I really liked Shantel and Marcela - sad to see them go. After the episode, Jenna is my favorite - I hope she goes all the way.

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    The show feels flat, like someone let the Champagne out in the rain. Marcela was cut, and I liked her, pre-show, and I liked her personality tonight. Have to say that Bette has a real model vibe to her, even though she is kind of old, and I liked Alicia's face, but her booty is a little big. Kristi, other than the fake boobs, looks like she spends her free time at the mall, I hope the viewers don't vote for her because of her assets.

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