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Thread: Stacy

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    She's fake ass wannabe Christian girl! Reminds me very much of a horse when she smiles. Just off!

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    i agree w/ a previous post that said at certain angles she's quite lovely. But overall, she's average looking. For me, if a person's voice/speech doesn't match the beauty, then foghettaboutit! Her nasally accent is like fingernails down a chalkboard---painful!

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    Stacy, IMO, won't make it. It will be the BATTLE OF THE BRUNETTES....

    or haven't you noticed that the girls they (the judges praise) usually get cut!!! Those they hit on a lot, get to stay and ultimately win.

    Think about the judges comments that they have always considered eliminating Shannon.....but somehow she always makes it???!!!!

    I think Shannon will.......she is the winner, with or without the publics vote....or do you really think that our votes will make a difference????

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