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Thread: Sabrina

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    I agree

    I checked out Stella's website and I totally agree. I'm sure we will be seeing a lot more of Stella and Sabrina in the near future!

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    what's stellas website ?!?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hungry_hippo
    what's stellas website ?!?!

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    I really didn't think she was supa-model-pretty (website included). Although I do know some people who are familiar with her personally, so it was a tad bit sad to see her get cut so early.

    As for the weight typo... I thought it was rather obvious that it was a misprint. I mean while she is thin; she by no means looks as sickly as say Nicole Kidman and the likes. When I checked out the site, I thought that perhaps the model was just lying.

    As for the size 4 thing, it is quite possible to be near 6ft weighing 130+ and get into a size 4. I know that I'm near 5ft 10 and I'm not that thin, and 2-4 are my normal sizes.

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