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Thread: NBC announces "The Sports Illustrated Fresh Faces Competition"

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    I remember before when many people on FORT were previewing this show, people were saying this show had way more modelling potential than any ANTM cycles, and I mostly agreed with them partly cuz I really didnt know anything about this show

    But now I look at it, I really dont think many of these girls have a face for runway, there are lots of all american beauties on the show, but I think all the cycles of ANTM had better casting, its just my opinion

    I mean the casting is great for the show cuz i think most of the girls look great in swimsuits, but i dont see any girls (with maybe a couple of exceptions) strutting the runway in an evening goiwn, or anything besides a bthing suit. Thats why i think ANTM does a better casting call.

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    Free Spirit

    Sooo true...how sad

    Quote Originally Posted by RandallW
    I've been seeing the tv advertising for this show; we get to see one of the contestants shed a tear and wipe it away.

    Don't the networks love this? Oh look, one of our reality show contestants has been eliminated and is crying his/her heart out! Focus in for a good tight shot; we have to be sure to air this!

    It's an exploitation of cheap easy emotions.....of course this will never be known as the golden age of network television dignity.
    You know, its pathetic. Many of these girls are models and have done respectable work, some are working on college degrees while others have all ready graduated....I thinks it's disrespectful to USE the feelings and dignity of these girls for ratings. I imagine that each girl joined and was selected because of the potential of winning the deal. They don't need to be humiliated on national TV. If they want the viewers to vote...well then let them vote, without the humiliation. Let the viewers watch the program and decide on who says and who is cut.

    What are we coming to??

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