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I finally watched the show and I was a little disappointed in this challenge, over all. I think they all sort of failed at it and I found the judges very unprofessional when they were giggling away and making rude comments during the photo shoot. But really, should I have expected anything else from them? No. They are every bit as mean and childish as Matthew and Janine.

Brig - while her hair styles were atrocious, they were definitely a brand. You can see those photos and know in a second that they are hers. She knows who she is and what she is doing and I think her main issue is that she has allowed M&J into her head and allowed their picking on her to throw her off her game. She should have just brushed them off and rocked it instead of making her need to "get them back" her entire focus. Also, she can't manage time for nothing! Back to the hair styles, they were edgy and the sort of styles you'd see in high end / fashion forward hair magazines. They were definitely not wearable but that was never her goal, she wants to be known as the cutting edge stylist and I think she achieved that with her styles.

Now if only she could figure out her own personal style? She'd be rocking it. I thought her hair looked really lovely when it was it's natural short style and didn't have the giant bow in it. She was working that orange/yellow glow in the dark color and I have a feeling that we were seeing the real Brig and the outlandish costumes she wears on the show are just for that...show. She, evidently, is a very successful salon owner and you don't get to be that if you are a total nut case like she keeps portraying on this show.

Janine - oh how my wicked little heart jumped for joy when she stood there with that hurt and bewildered look on her face as she realized that *gasp* she was in the bottom 2! The horror! Maybe she could go console herself in her Japanese hair magazines. When she said that she was into that whole genre, I thought to myself "Of course you are." Because it was exactly what I expected from a woman her age who is trying desperately to act and dress like somebody decades younger. Grow up, Janine, high school is over and it's about time you left it behind.

Jon - Awwww....what a sweet, sweet, kind man. I wish him tons of luck and hopefully he learns how to breath through his nose because that mouth breathing? Major disgusting turn off. But he was still a really nice and kind hearted guy, going for the girl with the thinning hair because he wanted to do something for her? That was nice, stupid in a competition, but nice.

Matthew - I have nothing to say about him and his "great"ness. Really, I just dislike him so much that I have nothing to say. BAH!

Camilla - *mumble* *mumble* smooth hair *mumble* *mumble* did anybody catch what she was saying? Something about stirring up trouble by asking them all what they thought of Brig. Whatever, can't stand her or Jonathon either.

I watch this show not because I love it but because I love to hate on it. Now that I've put it into the ridiculous category, it's actually sort of fun watching the train wreck and then snarking on it later.
wow! Awesome write up on this episode and spot on analysis of each stylist throughout the season. I think people don't `get' that Brig's choice in hair styles aren't suppossed to be wearable. They are designs and concepts. They mistake her avant garde style for incompetance-but she's not there to be a traditional stylist (even though as a salon owner she caters to that market on a daily basis) and when she did the branding challenge she hit the ball out of the park precisly because her models and her own look dovetailed together perfectly. mathew was just another guy smiling out from a photo and i had no sense of what his `brand' is as the models looked indistinguishable from any other competent stylists work. I mean, I didn't think to myself, the guy is awesome, I have to go get my hair done by him. It was very middling and yes, he looked like a real estate agent for all I knew.

janine, just ridiculous. The purple hair thing was something any post punk goth kid could do. her photo of herself reminded me of a photo one has taken as a `family portrait.' It had nothing to do with telling a story as to who she is as a stylist.

Again, awesome write up! Thanks!