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Thread: Janine Jarman - Shear Genius 3

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    Janine Jarman - Shear Genius 3

    Janine Jarman
    Season 3

    When she's not circling the globe running from photo shoot to fashion show, Janine can be found giving her clients their “mane” fix at her Hollywood salon, Hairroin. She has been experimenting with hair design and technique since the age of 14 and enrolled in cosmetology school soon after graduating high school. Within her first five years, Janine had styled some of Hollywood's hottest stars including Fergie, Britney Spears, Scarlett Johansson and Christina Applegate. She served as the go-to stylist for Carmen Electra and the sexy burlesque group The Pussycat Dolls, whom she styled through their transition from vaudeville act to MTV video vixens. From 2000 to 2007, Janine worked alongside her two mentors at Sexy Hair products, assisting in the development and launching of new product lines, as well as in the role of elite platform and international educator. In 2009, Janine joined the Sebastian Professional Design Team and now represents the brand on the West Coast.

    Video: Get to know Janine!

    Janine's Bio Page / Bravo website

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    Re: Janine Jarman - Shear Genius 3

    Didn't the show say she was 28? She looks older than that to me...

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    Re: Janine Jarman - Shear Genius 3

    There's no way she's 28! She looks a lot older than that. Also, isn't there a conflict of interest because Jonathan's sister is with the Pussycat Dolls and Janine styled their hair. Anyhoo, can't stand her at all, she's comes across as a priss, imo and her attitude is way past self confident landing in arrogant, snotty territory. The way she and Mathew behave, making snide comments about other contestants, particularly Brig, is so immature. Particulalry annoying is how she told another stylist who won the shortcut, how he could have improved upon his winning hairstyle. Talk about tacky.
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    Re: Janine Jarman - Shear Genius 3

    Janine, you need to take a look in the mirror when you talk about professionalism. The snotty looks on yours, and Matthew's faces when you don't win is beyond rude. Also, did you really think the way you snarked at Brig in front of those judges was professional? I really hope you get booted right before the finale.

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    Re: Janine Jarman - Shear Genius 3

    I don't think she's as attractive, but I have to say she's got the Shannen Doherty character in Heathers perfected.

    Very, very mean girl.
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