Welcome back to another episode of Shear Genius! You’ve waited a little extra time to get this recap, so let’s get to it, shall we? This episode begins like all the others: the stylists gather in the salon and are greeted by Jacklyn Smith. She directs everyone’s attention to the Allure Wall of Fame, where Charlie’s winning style from last week is now displayed. She reminds everyone that Charlie has immunity this week. Nekisa is annoyed about Charlie’s second win in a row and questions whether he should get immunity again.

Jacklyn introduces Roy Teeluck, another big deal stylist whose name I only know because he was on this show last season. He will be the guest judge for both challenges this week. The Short Cut Challenge this week will test the stylists on the ability to juggle numerous clients throughout the day. The stylists much work on multiple clients. They will have the option to continue with the previous stylist’s plan or go in a new direction. The stylists will be judges on creativity, technical skill and overall style. Everyone chooses a scissor box and the clients enter the salon. Each scissor box contains a number: these numbers indicate the order in which the stylists will choose their client. Charlie picks the client with the most difficult hair, taking the gamble that he won’t end up with her at the end of the challenge.

Beautiful to Bozo
The stylists much color during the first round. They will not know how many rounds there will be or how long each round will last. They will be told when they are on the last round. The next few minutes are a flurry of activity. Here are the highlights:
  • Meredith chooses to color her client’s hair a coppery red and Dee thinks she’s being a bit “ambitious.” Since Meredith’s client comes out looking like Ronald McDonald, I’d say Dee’s observation was right on.
  • Gail spends a lot of time wandering around asking the other stylists for opinions
  • Paulo’s client spends a lot of time crying. This is the first major hair cut she’s ever had. What is she, like, ten? Jeez.
  • Charlie ends up with Paulo’s weepy client and spends the entire round holding a mini therapy session.
  • In the final round, the clients end up with the original stylists, much to Charlie’s horror.
Roy questions each stylist and evaluates their work. Nicole’s client loves her new cut and Roy compliments Nicole: it’s a nice result. Daniel lightened his client’s hair and Roy thinks he made the right decision. Roy asks Meredith how she chose this color red. Charlie observes that the color is only halfway done. Roy, incidentally, hates the color. Dee says her model wanted to go darker, but Dee convinced her not too: Roy praises that decision. When he gets to Gail, Roy mentions the fact that she spent quite a bit of time wandering around and being uncertain, She claims she was just trying to communicate about style with the other stylists. Still, Roy thinks Gail produced a decent result.

Charlie picked a client with curly, frizzy hair, so Roy thinks it was a no-brainer to straighten the hair. It instantly changed her appearance. Nekisa says she wanted her client’s hair cut shorter and blames Charlie, who cut the hair. Roy questions both Charlie and the client, but comes back to Nekisa: if she wanted to change the cut, it was her responsibility to do so. Paulo’s client looks very soccer mom with her little flipped up ‘do. Paulo whines about his client crying to other stylists. Roy says the style is just okay. Glenn didn’t give her client big bangs and, apparently, that’s what the client wanted. Roy chides Glenn for not listening to the client.

Roy gathers the stylists to announce his decision. Meredith and Nekisa are the bottom two. Meredith’s color was just too bright and the cut and style didn’t make up for the color. Nekisa’s cut was just ordinary and she should have made changes if she didn’t like what the other stylists did. Meredith loses this one and her client heads off to buy a box of Nice ‘N Easy. The winner of the challenge is Dee. She’ll get first choice of client in the elimination challenge and will also receive an additional leg up in the challenge, which she’ll find out about later.

Back at the apartment, the stylists talk about the challenge and Paulo whines about how hard it was. Dee counters that she didn’t think it was hard. Charlie thinks they all looked like crap. Dee argues that the style her client ended up with was exactly what she wanted, even though she didn’t do all the work. Charlie continues on, criticizing everyone’s work. Dee tells us Charlie has talent, but no class.

Do-It-Yourself Style
The next morning, the stylists all meet Rene Fris in the salon. You know, I wonder if Rene and Jacklyn just hate each other. You never see them in the same room. Maybe there’s only room for one diva-host at a time in that salon. Rene welcomes the stylist and reintroduces them to Roy Teeluck. Their assignment today is to create a style that will look great in the salon and just as good at home. The client should be able to maintain the style without any help. It’s a classic stylist mistake to give a client a style they can’t replicate, Roy Teeluck lectures. The clients file into the salon and Dee steps forward to choose her client.

Because Dee won the Short Cut Challenge, she gets to chose each stylist’s client. She tells us she wants to give Nekisa a fair shot, but sticks Charlie with a client who has thick, color-treated hair. The winner of this challenge will be featured, with their client, in an ad in Allure magazine. They will half an hour and a half to complete the style and instruct their client in how to replicate the style on their own.

The stylists all meet with their clients and Nicole actually asks her client how she styles her hair, so Nicole doesn’t have to teach her anything new. This seems like a pretty smart strategy to me. Charlie’s client just colored her hair Elvira black, so Charlie decides not to color her hair again. This is sure to come back and bite him in the butt. Rene immediately questions whether Charlie is playing it safe because he has immunity. Hey, maybe Rene isn’t merely decorative after all.

With 30 minutes to go, Rene informs the stylists that the elimination will not take place tonight: the clients will return tomorrow morning and will have 30 minutes to recreate the style they’ve been given, without any help from the stylists. Charlie begins whining about the lack of time. What the hell was he doing for an hour? Bonding? He hasn’t cut or blow dried yet. Oh and, yeah, we know he hasn’t colored the client’s hair either. The stylists all frantically teach the client’s how to style their hair. Nicole is pleased that she only used a blow dryer: it will be easier for the client to style if she doesn’t have to use lots of tools and styling products. Meredith’s client recites all the steps to styling her hair while Charlie looks on: Meredith has bitten off more than she can chew, he thinks.

Time is up and the stylists send their clients home and then head back the apartment so they can drink. Paulo observes Dee and Nekisa together and is sure that Dee is crushing on Nekisa. Nekisa says there is no crush: Dee knows she’s married. I can’t decide whether Nekisa is intentionally playing dumb or if she’s actually this dim.

Curly, Mushroom Head
The next morning, everyone reconvenes in the salon to prepare for the hair show. The clients have wet hair and will have 30 minutes to style their own hair. The stylists can only look on, helplessly. Most of them seem like total control freaks, so this is probably torture. Nicole isn’t worried: a good haircut will style itself. Her client only needed 8 minutes to style her hair. Hey, has anyone else noticed how much Nicole looks like Pee Wee Herman? She’s like his lovechild….you know, if, like, PeeWee and his hand had a baby.

It’s time for the hair show. The judges for this challenge are Kim Vo, Kelly Atteron and Roy Teeluck. The challenge required the stylists to create a fresh-from-the-salon look that the client’s could recreate on their own. The hair shows always fly by quickly, but as it flies down the runway, Daniel’s client’s hair looks like a wig. Charlie claims to be happy with his client’s hair: he thinks she got the blow dry right. Dee says she’s happy with the results as well, although there’s one strand of hair sticking straight out from the back of her client’s head and you can see Dee just fixating on it as she stands there. Glenn says she’s happy with her client’s hair and Meredith admits the client might have done a better job styling that she did. Yeah, that’s not saying much.

There are six styles the judges want to inspect further, but first Jacklyn dismisses Daniel, Gail and Paulo. They’re still in the competition. The remaining six now have to justify themselves and their work. Glen explains how she taught the client how to style her hair. The client tells the judges she’s happy with the results and is able to style her hair in less time. Meredith’s curly-haired client is a mess. The front hangs limp and semi-straight, partially covering her face, while the back is a mass of curls. It’s just bizarre. Kim Vo says he just sees a big mushroom shape. Jacklyn says the color is a big improvement. Kelly Atterton is struck by how heavy the hair looks.

When questioned, Charlie admits he basically had a big, girly gab session with his client. It shows, says Kim Vo, sternly. Charlie didn’t even address the issue of the client’s too-dark dye job. Jacklyn accuses Charlie of playing it safe because he knew he had immunity. Dee explains that she had a low maintenance client, so she created a style that was easy. Roy Teeluck steps forward to inspect the style and compliments Dee with a “well done.”

Nekisa admits she was in a time crunch and got a little too focused on getting the color right. Kim Vo points out that the client styled her hair very differently than Nekisa did. She took extraordinary to ordinary. Roy agrees, saying the transformation was not what he expected. Kim Vo doesn’t think Nicole’s style looks finished, but the client loves it. Kelly Atteron thinks the style flatters the client’s face. Roy Teeluck says this 8 minute style looks better than the 30 minute style she walked in the door with.

The stylists are all dismissed so the judges can make a decision. Everyone sits nervously in the “break room” and Glenn says she would give her right tit for the ad in Allure.

The Oppression of Curly Hair
All of the judges seem to love Glenn’s work. Plus, it was clear the client was happy and was able to replicate the style very well. Meredith’s style, on the other hand, makes no one happy. Kim Vo thinks she made the client’s head look like a squid, while Kelly Atterton comments that the style hides the client’s face. Jacklyn tries to put a positive spin on things and points out that at least the color was an improvement. Kim Vo criticizes Charlie for his decision not to color his client’s hair: it looks like a mass of black, he says. Jacklyn thinks Dee’s style is terrific and Roy Teeluck agrees: the client is happier and her hair looks healthier. Jacklyn doesn’t think Nekisa gave her client enough of a change. Kelly Atteron agrees: there’s no difference and she wasn’t surprised to hear that Nekisa didn’t cut her client’s hair. The judges pretty much agree that Nicole’s client looks good, although Kim Vo thinks the bangs are too heavy.

A decision has been reached and stylists return to hear the judges’ decision. Three clients looks like they stepped out of the salon and onto the runway, Jacklyn says, but the others looked like they overslept. Dee, Glenn and Nicole are this week’s top three, but only one is a cut above. Dee gave the client a great new look but helped her keep her low maintenance routine. Glenn captured the essence of the challenge. Nicole took beauty down to basics and gave her client a simple, sexy style in 8 minutes. The winner this week is Glenn, who is overwhelmed and admits she really wanted to win. No word on the status of her right tit.

The bottom three this week are Nekisa, Charlie and Meredith. Since Charlie won last week’s challenge, he has immunity and won’t be eliminated this week. Jacklyn scolds him for misspending his time. It’s down to Meredith, who gave her client a style that was difficult to maintain and that didn’t flatter the face, and Nekisa, whose style really wasn’t much of a change and whose client styled her hair differently than Nekisa did. Meredith is out and the other stylists look shocked. Paulo looks stricken: it’s like someone killed his puppy.

Meredith says she had a great time and says goodbye to everyone. As she packs her things, Meredith tells us that she created a style that was right for her client, but the judges just didn’t like it because they just don’t understand curly hair. Those straight-haired people just don’t get it, she says…..with a straight face……and straight hair.