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Thread: 5/23/07 - show discussion & reunion show **spoilers**

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    Re: 5/23/07 - show discussion & reunion show **spoilers**

    As stated on the show- Dr. Boogie isn't egotistical, I just think he is insecure and masks those insecurities by pretending to know it all.

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    Re: 5/23/07 - show discussion & reunion show **spoilers**

    I feel like one of those old Reese's Peanut Butter Cup ads...

    Dr. Boogie is egotistical AND insecure!!!

    Just because there's a reason for him behaving a certain way doesn't discount the fact that he IS behaving that way--and Dr. Boogie definitely acts in an egotistical manner...

    pg--And just to make things more complicated, I found Boogie both annoying and endearing...go figure--seattle

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    Re: 5/23/07 - show discussion & reunion show **spoilers**

    Boogie is definitely insecure, but I found him really annoying; I just don't like people who talk and talk and TALK to cover up their insecurities. And the bit where they showed the clips where the amount of money he makes per day went up from about $1,000 to $25,000? WTF?

    Tabatha may be a bitch, but she's always upfront and honest; she's not a bitch just to be a bitch, and she would never stab you in the back.

    OMG, the Jim haircolor! That was just plain horrifying. I'm glad they arranged to get the model's hair repaired.

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