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Thread: Show discussion 4/25

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    Re: Show discussion 4/25

    I'm liking this show ..enough to keep tuning in anyway. Then again, I dunno what reality show I don't watch... but, whatever.
    I grew up with a salon in the house because my mom was a hairsylist/instructor/hair guru if ya will.. so I think that's why I'm tuning in to every episode. Nostalgic I suppose, I can't seem to escape the smell of perm solution every episode.

    What I haven't liked about the show so far.. I am forced to realize how damn lazy I can be with my hair.

    Oh, and silly challenges. Yard tools?! I mean..what next..? cutting hair underwater?!

    I'll keep tuning in though...we've got the beginnings of a great hair-feud brewing. Tabitha and Tyson. Both of them are my favorites too.
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    Re: Show discussion 4/25

    Tyson is a passive agressive piece of steaming cow pie. Tabatha is a great "villain" because, as opposed to some of the people we have had to put up with in previous Bravo shows, she has the talent to back up her abrassivenes. And she is just very outspoken. This is potentially a great show because the personalities are interesting. Those people in Top Design were so boring. Go Tabatha!

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    Re: show discussion 4/25

    Quote Originally Posted by corprip;2352637;
    So sad to see Theodore go (Dr. Boogie would have been an acceptable sacrifice for me,) but the cut did suck.
    I agree, the cut wasn't great, but Dr. Boogie's was unbelieveably lame. I could have done that cut in the dark, one eye closed, and a steak knife. He hasn't shone me anything so far, but he is funny and rude, which may be why he's still on.

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