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Thread: Lacey - Shear Genius 1

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    Lacey - Shear Genius 1


    Age: 22

    Hometown: York, Pennsylvania

    Current Salon: Vidal Sassoon Salon in Miami

    Signature Style: Everyone deserves his or her own signature style

    Mentor(s): Melvyn Ainger, an educator from Vidal Sassoon in Miami

    Hailing from York, Pennsylvania, Lacey has lived in South Beach for the past three years. She was influenced by art and sculpture throughout her high school years and translated this art background into her vision as a hair stylist.

    Lacey began cosmetology school in Pennsylvania and attended the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica after completion of beauty school — learning a great deal about the geometry involved in cutting hair. Lacey applied and was accepted to Vidal Sasson, Miami and moved to South Beach to start training. Within ten months, she was able to move up and become a stylist. Lacey now splits her time between Vidal Sassoon and freelance work. She's a highly sought-after stylist for fashion and magazine photo shoots in Miami.

    Lacey never thought she'd end up in “Shear Genius.” She found out about the open calls on the last day they were being held in Miami. She rushed to get there at the last minute and ended up with a spot in the competition.
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    Re: Lacey

    Ok. Why am I almost certain I know this girl? I was thinking maybe she was on another reality show...anyone see any similarities to anyone else?

    As for a stylist...me no likey. The sheers have spoken!

    I don't really particularly like her "I can do anything I want" attitude. "I've done everything..and now I want to do hair".. not everything is so easy and you can't just saddle up to it and be great.
    So far, I wasn't impressed....
    All things beautiful do not have to be full of color to be noticed; in
    life that which is unnoticed has the most power.

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    Re: Lacey

    Her whole, "I'm not going to look up to adults who are wasting their lives and are complete bums annoys me. She should have been the first to go, not Paul Jean.
    You've heard of theater in the round? Well, you're looking at the man who invented theater in the square! Nobody had a good seat!"

    -The Producers

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    Re: Lacey

    Quote Originally Posted by Sweetman13;2340058;
    Her whole, "I'm not going to look up to adults who are wasting their lives and are complete bums annoys me. She should have been the first to go, not Paul Jean.

    I agree. That statement revealed her immaturity

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    Re: Lacey

    I dont like her. That picture is really flattering, considering her larger...face...But how can you be a competitor and not be a COLORIST?!

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