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Thread: Episode 4 (6/27): Chasing Liz

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    Episode 4 (6/27): Chasing Liz

    The Scholar Episode 4 (6/27): Chasing Liz

    We’ve all had sucky jobs. Well, all of us except the idle rich. After watching The Scholar the last two weeks, I’ve been wondering how much they pay Francine to be the RA for our budding scholars. Whatever the pay, it is not enough. Imagine being stuck in a house with 10 seventeen and eighteen year olds with raging hormones and either inflated or fragile egos. No wonder RAs and camp counselors drink so much after the kids are in bed.

    I Think I Love You *sung in best David Cassidy voice*

    After a review of the budding relationships we saw last week including the triangular one and of Milana’s victory, this week’s episode opens with Davis and Liz in the kitchen cleaning up. Davis snaps his dish towel at her and a flirty little fight ensues. Milana tells the camera that Davis has a thing for Liz, but Liz has a boyfriend back home. Next we see Davis and Liz lying next to each other. Liz is explaining that she just exploded with information and doesn’t know why. Davis never the shy or insecure type pronounces that it is him. Liz teasingly answers back that “It’s you.” Ah, young, unrequited puppy dog love. I’m getting a little misty. Not.

    Liz in confessional says that she’s been nothing but loyal to her boyfriend. She adds that Davis has been nothing but courteous about the situation. Later, several of the scholars including Liz and Davis are sitting upstairs talking. Liz explains that she and her boyfriend had a huge fight so they broke up on October 3rd. Over the next week, the two of them talked about it and he wanted to give it another go so she decided to give it one more try. Davis who apparently has heard this before, says, “This is time five?” Liz acknowledges that it is.

    Davis in confessional states that all that crap back home is unnecessary. I mentally add for him, “if only she was with meeeeeeeeee!” Alyssa asks Liz why she puts up with that. Liz’s answer is simple. Because that’s what there is living in Buhl, Idaho. There are that many people and its going to be the Neanderthal or the smart guy. Oh honey, you are a little young to settle. Davis asks her if she’s going back to Buhl for the rest of her life. Liz honestly answers that she doesn’t know. Davis predictably advises her that she needs to get out of Buhl real bad. Liz says that she feels older than she did two weeks ago.

    We are next transported to Liz’s hometown which looks like a pretty typical small Pacific Northwest town. The main street is lined with single story and two story brick and wood buildings. Liz narrates that everything in Buhl ties her back to when she was young and she feels like she’s outgrowing it as an environment where she can shine. Her math teacher, Tom Chivers tells us that Liz is one of his best students in 32 years of teaching if not his best. She has finished all the math classes offered in the curriculum so she is taking discreet math and learning it on her own. We see her singing her accomplishments to the 12 Days of Christmas followed by Liz declaring that she’s a huge dork. She loves theater and being in shows but recognizes that the avenues you can take with a theater degree are limited. So, therefore, she has chosen to pursue math. Her understandably proud parents send her off to the competition at the end of the video.

    The scholars are getting ready to leave for the Captain’s Quiz. Alyssa is getting nervous because there are only two spots left in the finals. Davis and Jeremy echo this and Jeremy pronounces himself, “Hella scared.”

    The scholars file in for the Quiz to the room where Rob and the Scholarship Committee are waiting for them. Rob informs them that today’s quiz is a puzzle like you did as a kid. He pulls back a black cover over an easel to reveal a puzzle of the United States. He then tells them that unfortunately their puzzles don’t have all the pieces so they are going to have to figure out which states are there and which are not. The challenge is all about speed. The fastest two to complete the puzzles will be the team captains. When the scholars are done with their puzzles, they need to hit a red button to stop the time.

    Davis tells us that he feels like he has to win the challenge because he hasn’t been to an Admissions Showdown since the first episode. Then comes the map. Davis is feeling good and taps out in five minutes two seconds. Davis never one to be humble says that he finished before half of the other scholars could put Texas in place. He admits that he thought he was done until he looked down and realized that he forgot to put South Carolina in place before he hit the button. Turns out the preview of him cheating is nothing more than hype.

    When Liz clocks in at seven minutes 56 seconds, Davis feels sick. He looks over and then realizes Liz is laughing. He wonders why she is laughing until he notices that Utah is missing from her puzzle. We see that the Utah puzzle piece has fallen on the floor.

    After time runs out, Rob says that he thinks some people hit their buttons prematurely. Davis sheepishly says, “Yeah.” Rob then tells the scholars that Davis and Liz logged the two fastest times but both left out a piece. Rob reveals that Scot had the next fastest time but his states were literally all over the map to use a bad metaphor. Amari was the next fastest but left out Georgia. Amari appears startled but when she looks down discovers that she did indeed omit Georgia. As we go to commercial, Rob asks if anyone finished the puzzle.

    You Say Dictatorship, I Say Democracy

    When we come back, we learn that no one finished the puzzle correctly. Therefore, Rob congratulates Davis and Liz on being team captains. Max in confessional says that the captains for today’s challenges should be interesting because of their clear bond. Max is extremely interested to see how the Davis/Liz relationship plays out.

    Davis and Liz are walking across campus and discussing politics. Liz tells us that Davis is driven, very smart, and very talented and that she has great respect for what he can do. While they are walking, Liz says to Davis that she’s not sure she wants to be his press secretary but what about being his vice president? She then asks him if there has ever been a female vice president. For Liz’s sake, I’m hoping that American politics isn’t the topic if she makes the Admissions Showdown. Davis states that they can talk about the idea.

    We visit via video Davis’s hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. Davis says that if he’s not in political office somewhere in 15 years, his goals will have drastically changed. Or, people will have been smart enough to not elect or appoint him to political office. We see Davis running lines for a school play while his English teacher Suzanne Wexler describes him as a Renaissance Man. She opines that Davis doesn’t just have mild interests in things. Instead, Davis is passionate about things. The point is illustrated by footage of Davis winning a poker hand and celebrating. Davis admits that if something is a competition, he wants to win.

    Davis doesn’t like being called cocky. I’m guessing he is speaking from experience. To Davis, cocky is a shade or connotation from confident. As far as Davis is concerned, he knows what he is capable of and he knows what he can do. To him, that’s not cocky. I beg to differ with him.

    The scholars gather for the Team Challenge at the Zemeckis Center. Rob tells them that USC is known for its film school. During this challenge, the scholars are going to be thrown in and are all going to have to become filmmakers. The challenge involves writing, shooting, and editing a two minute short film based on a quote. Each team will have 10 hours to complete the challenge.

    Peter from the Scholarship Committee tells us that the challenges have become increasingly more difficult. Each successive challenge has required another level of cooperation among team members. The scholars are going to see just how difficult it is to do a shoot. Nothing ever goes right, and it is always hurry up and wait. Peter turns out to be right about one team.

    Rob tells the scholars that each team will have a technical advisor and a film editor assigned to them. They will show the completed films to an audience of students and faculty the next day. The winner will be chosen by a veteran Hollywood producer. This time the stakes will be higher than the winning team captain making the Admissions Showdown. Every member of the winning team will receive a 20 day discover Europe trip courtesy of STA Travel which includes airfare, accommodations and first class Eurorail train passes. After the performances in the Captain’s Quiz, a discover America trip might be more appropriate.

    Davis and Liz pick their respective teams. Davis starts by picking Melissa. Liz tells the camera that Melissa is going to be chosen first or second in every challenge so that was smart picking on his part. Liz then chooses Jeremy who is clearly flattered. The next several picks are Davis-Max, Liz-Milana, Davis-Alyssa, Liz-Scot, and Davis-Gerald. That leaves Amari for the last spot on Liz’s team. After her performance in the Team Challenge last week, I’m frankly surprised and Amari feels horrible about it. I’m also surprised that Davis has chosen to pick all three points of the isosceles romantic triangle for his team. The guy must like playing with matches.

    Rob then tells the teams that he has one more piece of information for them. Each team can pick one of three quotes as the theme for their movie. The first quote is “To be or not to be that is the question” from Shakespeare. The second quote is John F. Kennedy’s “Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.” The final quote is from Plato, “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”

    Rob next introduces the scholars to the judge of the Team Competition Bruce Block whom Rob describes as an A List Hollywood film producer. I’ve never heard of Bruce before but that doesn’t mean much. Bruce turns out to be a chatty guy. He tells the scholars that they are standing on the same campus that Bob Zemeckis , George Lucas, John Singleton, Ron Howard and many other filmmakers working all over the world once stood on. Melissa looks pleased about the assignment. She will not be looking pleased for long, however.

    Bruce reminds them that the films will only be two minutes long. He tells the contestants that what they have to have first is a great script. It doesn’t matter how well a film is shot or how good the actors are if you have a bad script, you have a bad movie. Amen to that. The teams will be getting technical help from some students since it is really complicated to make a movie. There are lots of rules and lots of ways to go about making a movie. He then gives the scholars a pep talk saying that with the enthusiasm, gut instincts and talent he’s sure they have they’ll make great movies which he’ll get to see the next day.

    Davis’s Gold Team is seated around a table with Davis at the head deciding whether their film should be a comedy or a drama. The team consensus is drama. The Gold Team then moves on to the question of which quote to use. Alyssa advocates for “To be or not to be” because she finds it so powerful. Davis says that “To be” is more about conflict than resolution and he thinks this is more about resolution than conflict. Davis sees the lynch pin of film as resolution. Melissa agrees with him. Well maybe not so much agrees with him as takes the opportunity to disagree with Alyssa. Davis then makes the executive decision that the Gold Team is going to go with the Plato quote. Alyssa confesses to the camera that she finds Davis as a leader to be really commanding. He’ll listen to other people and then discard their ideas. He’s just a little too overbearing for her.

    Meanwhile, Liz’s Red Team is working together in a much more collaborative manner. Liz is seated on the side instead of at the head of the table. Scot says that one thing to keep in mind is that they are being judged on the quotes. They want to be creative but need to make sure they stick to the quote. The Red Team eventually settles on “To be or not to be.” Liz explains that they chose the quote from Hamlet purely for logistical reasons. They think it will be easier to write to than the other two quotes.

    The Gold Team is in a van where Davis is explaining to his troops what is going to happen. In the end, the girl is going to get together with a guy who is an ass rather than this guy who is her pillar. Davis tells the camera that they used the quote from Plato about play over conversation and his team has a double layered plot idea showing the relationship struggle between a girl, her boyfriend, and her best friend. Hmm, this is starting to sound familiar. Back in the van, Davis is talking about how the girl and her boyfriend keep breaking up and getting back together.

    Max asks the camera if anyone is seeing this but him? This film is Davis’s love letter to Liz. Davis manages to quit thinking only about himself long enough to ask Alyssa why she is shaking her head? Melissa asks Alyssa what don’t you get? Hiss, rowr. Davis says that you could change the words of the Plato quote to actions speak louder than words. I think Davis is missing part of the subtlety of the quote just like he seems to be oblivious to what his script is really about.

    Alyssa who is the only scholar yet to go to an Admissions Showdown says that this Team Challenge is really important to her. Davis taking the lead and not listening is not okay with her. Alyssa and Melissa continue to snipe at each other. Max meanwhile seems to be trying to stay out of the middle. In confessional, Melissa asks why Alyssa doesn’t get the plot of their film. According to her it is really simple. Perhaps because Alyssa is so caught up in the love triangle she doesn’t realize that Davis is pining after Liz. Davis’s theory is that Alyssa is angry they aren’t doing the Hamlet quote like she wanted. He does recognize that Alyssa wants to get into the Admissions Showdown and is looking for another way to do so.

    Back to the Fun Red Team. They are tossing around plot ideas and come up with the idea of superheroes. Jeremy tells us that they originally were going to make a drama but somehow it ended up being a comedy. Marquesa who is observing is impressed by how well Liz’s team is doing. She thinks they are working really well together and loving what they are creating. We see Amari working hard behind the camera and directing the action confidently. Marquesa is impressed that everyone is contributing. The Red Team didn’t even stop to have lunch. We see confirmation when Amari asks for a second take of a scene so she can get a distant shot to add to the tight shot she already has. Shawn is also impressed with the Red Team. He says that they are listening to each other. Liz would be number one in his advocacy followed closely by Jeremy or Amari.

    Over at the Gold Team, things are not nearly as harmonious. Things are in fact really, really, really tense. Shawn decides to state the obvious and says that the team being led by Davis is bickering a little. We are then treated to a scene between Max and Melissa where they act like five year olds each saying the other can film a scene. Think “You, no you, no you, etc”.

    Davis may be cocky, but he’s not completely oblivious. He tells us that his team has to win the Team Competition because he doesn’t think the Scholarship Committee will pick him for the Admissions Showdown. Liz echoes Davis’s thoughts saying that he feels like the Committee isn’t going to chose him because of his working style so that the only way he’s going to make the Showdown is to be the captain of the winning team.

    The clearly uptight Davis instructs his team to just let Max hold the camera. Melissa is acting her age and tells us that Max is being a jerk to her and she’s just going to ignore Max, Alyssa and Davis right now. Davis finally acknowledges his mistake in picking his team saying that he picked his team on talent and didn’t give any regard to how volatile some of the personalities were which came back to bite him. His leadership style didn’t exactly help him either. Peter is in the theater watching the unhappy Gold Team work on filming their movie.

    It’s Not Me, It’s You

    After the Gold Team wraps filming, Davis refuses to go to dinner saying he’s got things to do. In doing so, he manages to suck the joy out of the moment for his team. Milana drives home the contrast between the teams by telling Liz that she thought their team did amazing and that all they have to do is buckle down and not waste any time editing.

    The Gold Team is in the editing room watching the results of their shoot. We see a scene with Alyssa and her “boyfriend” Gerald tossing a Frisbee. Davis is voicing over a line. Someone describes him as sounding bitter while someone else says he sounds like Hannibal Lecter. An extremely sarcastic Alyssa asks Davis if he can not hear himself sounding bitter. Davis admits that he does hear it.

    The Red Team’s editing session on the other hand is filled with laughter. Scot tells the camera that it was amazing how little arguing there was. He thinks that will help put The Red Team over the edge.

    Davis redoes his voice over. This time he sounds reflective. Everyone on his team tells him he did a good job. The Red Team doesn’t feel the need to redo anything and counts down like it is New Year’s Eve to the end of editing their film. They then give themselves a round of applause.

    Back at the house, Amari asks Gerald if his team had fun. He tells her that a few fights almost broke out. She asks between whom. He asks her who she thinks and then walks out of the room. Amari yells that he can’t do that and calls down the stairs after him asking him to give her the first initial.

    Melissa is still obsessed with her little love triangle. She says to the camera that she’s tired, grumpy, and pissed. She’s also sick of the way Max is treating her. Melissa says that Max is a playah and a flirt and not the kind of guy she wants a relationship with. And, then seeing Max and Alyssa together, ugh! Melissa, I like you, but grow up. You flirted with Max knowing all those things about him as well as knowing that he and Alyssa had some sort of relationship. What did you expect?

    Melissa then decides to make poor Amari listen to her vent. In addition to her previous complaints, she brings up the fact that Davis picked her first and asks why he bothered if he wasn’t going to listen to her. Perhaps to keep her away from Liz? Melissa admits to us that she hates it when people waste her time. She felt like that was what Davis was doing and she didn’t like it at all.

    We see a confused Alyssa admitting that she doesn’t really know what the Scholarship Committee is looking for and that it kind of upsets her. She stays upstairs in her bunk. Meanwhile downstairs, the other scholars decide to play truth or dare. What’s next? Spin the bottle? Liz goes first and decides to ask Max what the deal is with him and Alyssa. Max is evasive and says he doesn’t really know. He admits that he likes her and is attracted to her but lamely ends by saying he couldn’t tell you.

    Max chooses to continue the truth trend and asks Melissa why she dislikes him so much. Melissa tells him that he screwed with her head this weekend. Max ends up apologizing for what he did. Melissa confesses that Max made it really clear that he likes her but then he wouldn’t talk to her. She was really annoyed by that. Max admits that he didn’t talk to her to try to make it less awkward with someone else. Melissa seems to be satisfied by his apology and says thank you.

    The next day at the auditorium, Rob asks the audience to welcome the ten high school seniors and Bruce Block. The audience is fairly large and everyone seems pleased. Liz tells us that having The Red Team film screened is like sending a baby out into the world and fearing that the world will tell you your baby is ugly. Or perhaps it is like going through the looking glass?

    Davis says that in the end, The Gold Team’s film came out really well. He feels like there is a lot of creativity in it. Bruce tells the audience that they are looking to see how well the teams interpreted the quote they chose. Did the teams stretch the quote way out or did they stick to the core?

    And the Oscar Goes To . . .

    After a commercial, Rob asks Davis what quote his team chose. He tells Rob that they chose the Plato quote. The Gold Team movie is cleverly entitled, “The Platonic Defeat.” Max confesses to the camera that he was curious to see if Liz recognized the subject of the film. Liz is clearly not stupid. She tells us that she was watching The Gold Team’s film and felt like she was watching her own story. It was art imitating life imitating art.

    Davis says that they put together a good plot and a good representation of their quote. I can’t disagree. Davis feels really good about his team’s movie. Rob informs the audience that it is time to check out the Red Team’s film based on “To be or not to be.” The name of the film is “The Superhero Café.” Milana shows some talent for accents putting on a thick Brooklyn accent as a waitress and the audience clearly enjoys laughing along with the light spirit of the film.

    Bruce comes on stage to announce the winner of the Team Challenge. He says that he thought with only two films, it would be easy because one would be so much better than the other. That wasn’t the case. Liz confesses that she had no idea what would happen and that she had a really bad, really tense feeling. Bruce explains that the two teams employed different film making techniques. The Gold Team relied on voice over while The Red Team chose to tell their story through dialogue. Both short films had characters you could relate to and both were very simple yet expanded on the quotes. Bruce thought both did something with a lot of depth. In the end, Bruce declares The Gold Team the winner because he thought they had the tougher job.

    Gerald is ecstatic about his team winning the Team Competition. He tells us in confessional that he is already packing for Europe. I am trying to envision this dysfunctional group complete with love triangle spending three weeks together in Europe and giggling to myself. I wish someone would film the trip. The Gold Team looks at their itinerary which includes Amsterdam, Rome, and Paris and all seem to be getting along fine for the moment.

    Liz tries to comfort her team telling them that it is okay. It has to be. Jeremy and Scot describe themselves as wallowers. We then see evidence as Scot is agonizing and saying he really wanted their film to win. Liz says that is just not the way she is. The first thing she wanted to do is stand in the sun and deal with their loss. This will serve her well later in life.

    It’s time for the scholars other than Davis and the three who already have a spot in the finals to meet with the Scholarship Committee and vie for the other two spots in the Admissions Showdown. Jeremy tells the Committee that they can see from his performance that he is a team player. Jeremy explains that this competition is hard for him. He’s trying to put his game face on, but he never expected to build such close relationships with the other scholars. Amari pleads her case to the Committee by emphasizing that especially after yesterday she’s proven she deserves to be a finalist. She reminds the Committee that in the past they challenged her to take a more aggressive role and tells them she feels like she’s done that.

    Alyssa gets confronted up front. Peter says straight out that she’s the only one who hasn’t made an Admissions Showdown. Shawn tells her that they have seen her lose her temper probably a few too many times and that they want to see her manage her emotions a little more in the next challenge so that she has a chance to go to the Admissions Showdown. A much more humble Alyssa than we’ve seen in the past, tells the Committee that she realizes she has a temper and will speak her mind but that yesterday was the first day she really tried to pull herself together and hold her temper in check. In confessional, she says that she is trying to do everything she can. She just wants the Committee to see that.

    Liz appears in front of the Committee and states that she still thinks that the team atmosphere is more important than being the person to know everything. She especially feels that way after talking to the members of the Gold Team after the Team Competition. Their dynamic was that their film won, but they didn’t seem to have any fun producing it. We see nothing of Gerald’s or Max’s interviews. I have to say that if the scholars have gotten nothing else out of this experience, they have all gained invaluable experience through the interview process.

    Back at the house, Jeremy and Alyssa are stressing out about the fact that there are only two spots in the finals left. Alyssa is especially nervous because she will be the only one with no experience if she makes the Admissions Showdown.

    The Committee deliberates. Peter says that Davis had the good fortune of being the captain of the winning team. Marquesa states that it was good fortune indeed because he wouldn’t have been chosen. Shawn throws Liz’s name out first. Even though she was the captain of the losing team, he feels that she still had such a forceful presence that she is a worthy choice. Marquesa brings up Alyssa. Peter raises Jeremy’s name. Marquesa responds that he was too background, too quiet the day before. Then Marquesa says she wants to throw in Amari. Marquesa thought she did a good job. She was steady and she knew what she was doing. Shawn responds that if that’s true why not Max? Marquesa says because he didn’t have as much input into his team’s film. Peter sums the situation up by stating that he doesn’t sense a consensus among the Committee.

    Made in America

    Evidently the Committee has reached a compromise because Francine posts the list on the bulletin board. Joining Davis in the Admissions Showdown are Liz and Amari and the subject is American History from 1770-1815. Liz feels really good that the Committee has twice chosen her to compete. Davis is feeling great since he has a lot of knowledge about American History. In fact, someone says Davis is the luckiest kid alive and Amari says to him weren’t you just saying you hoped it would be history? Liz recognizes that it is going to be hard going up against Davis in this challenge. If she wins, it will be bittersweet for her. I’m guessing more sweet than bitter though. We see Davis and Liz horsing around in the living room to once again illustrate their closeness.

    Alyssa in the meantime has retreated to a stairwell where she is crying and trying to escape the cameras. She is hurt and disappointed to once again be passed over for an Admissions Showdown. Milana tries to comfort her but Alyssa asks her to leave her alone. Milana says that she thinks Alyssa is feeling that time is running out for her and that everyone else has had a shot. Alyssa practically asks for a bowl of worms stating that she doesn’t know why the Scholarship Committee hates her. She just wants a chance. Even when Max tries to comfort her she won’t have any of it. Alyssa finally walks away from the camera.

    Davis, Liz, and Amari all study together in preparation for the Showdown. Amari says that there is a lot riding on this moment for her and her family. She reminds us that her mother is trying to get her doctorate while still supporting three of her four daughters. Liz states that the $50,000 at stake is about a third of what she anticipates the total tuition for four years will be if she gets into Yale. That would make a huge difference to her family. Psst, Liz. I’m guessing that is the budget including room and board not just tuition. Scot tells the camera that Davis is a lot more relaxed than the other two because he has a base in American history. Liz does have a really good memory though. Jeremy says that he wouldn’t count out either Liz or Amari. Going into the Showdown both Liz and Amari really want to win because it is the second chance at an Admissions Showdown for each of them. Davis on the other hand thinks he should win it. No hoping or wanting for him. Well except when it comes to Liz.

    Showdown at the Scholarship Corral

    Rob welcomes the scholars to the second to last Admissions Showdown and wishes them all good luck.

    Liz gets the first question-Ratified in 1791, the first ten amendments to the Constitution are also called what?
    Click to see Spoiler:
    The Bill of Rights

    Davis is next-The phrase, “We the People” opens what key American document? After a pause for dramatic effect Davis answers.
    Click to see Spoiler:

    Amari-During the Battle of Trenton in the winter of 1776 George Washington crossed which river to surprise British troops?
    Click to see Spoiler:

    Liz-What was the name of the British General who surrendered at Yorktown?
    Click to see Spoiler:
    General Cornwallis

    Davis-Battles that occurred in these two towns marked the beginning of open warfare between the British and the Colonies in the Spring of 1775. Name the two towns.
    Click to see Spoiler:
    Lexington and Concord

    Amari-Which British General surrendered at the 1777 Battle of Saratoga?
    Click to see Spoiler:

    Next we here several correct answers to questions in rapid succession without actually hearing the questions.

    Liz-Who was the author of the pamphlet Common Sense written in 1776?
    Click to see Spoiler:
    Thomas Paine

    Davis-Who invented the cotton gin in 1792?
    Click to see Spoiler:
    Eli Whitney

    Amari-In 1779, who commanded the USS Bonhomme Richard and uttered the famous words “I have not yet begun to fight?”
    Click to see Spoiler:
    George Washington? Correct answer John Paul Jones
    Incorrect. Amari is the first to take a seat.

    Liz-In 1770, taxes remained on tea even though what acts were repealed?
    Click to see Spoiler:
    The Townshend Acts

    Davis-In 1807 the British military attacked and boarded an American ship off the coast of Virginia. Name this incident that escalated further tensions between the countries and set the stage for the War of 1812? For the first time Davis looks worried.
    Click to see Spoiler:
    The Gaspay Incident? Correct answer The Chesapeake Affair
    Incorrect. If Liz can answer the next question she wins.

    Liz-In the mid-1790’s, what rebellion by Pennsylvania farmers backfired and actually ended up strengthening the credibility of the government? Liz thinks it through before answering.
    Click to see Spoiler:
    The Whiskey Rebellion
    Correct! Liz wins.

    Davis looks crushed. Liz is overwhelmed and covers her head with her hands. Everyone else looks like they want to throw confetti, and they all give her a big round of applause. Gerald later says in confessional, Liz you go girl, you kicked some ass tonight. Liz tells Rob that she can’t breathe, and she feels incredibly lucky after he reminds her she’s just won a $50,000 scholarship and a seat in the finals. She can’t even fathom $50,000. She is also gracious enough to acknowledge that the only reason she won is because Davis helped her study. She wishes she could think of a way to thank him and not hurt his pride. I’m guessing Davis might have a few ideas.

    Davis resignedly tells the camera that he should have won. It was 45 years of American history. He taught it to Liz and she absorbed it like a sponge. Davis and Liz share a big hug before leaving the podiums. Amari seems genuinely pleased for Liz and the two of them are clasping hands as they walk out of the room.

    The Very Last Chance

    Next week the scholars face off in a debate and things get heated. Alyssa wants to see anyone but Davis win the last spot in the finals and the competition is even more intense. As the credits roll, we see a sweet conversation between Liz and her parents as she’s telling them her exciting news. Her dad ends by telling her to keep having fun. No wonder why she’s such a grounded kid.

    Tell me whether you prefer comedy or drama. mariner@fansofrealitytv.com
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mariner
    The Scholar Episode 4 (6/27): Chasing Liz Liz in confessional says that she’s been nothing but loyal to her boyfriend. She adds that Davis has been nothing but courteous about the situation.
    What guy hasn't played this hand. The "I'm just a friend who only wants the best for you" hand. If you're unsure how this works take a look at an old Seinfeld episode in which Jerry and Elaine set their sights on a recently separated married couple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Austin Gambler
    What guy hasn't played this hand. The "I'm just a friend who only wants the best for you" hand. If you're unsure how this works take a look at an old Seinfeld episode in which Jerry and Elaine set their sights on a recently separated married couple.
    The "I'll be THERE for you" episode!

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    I am trying to envision this dysfunctional group complete with love triangle spending three weeks together in Europe and giggling to myself. I wish someone would film the trip
    Ooh, that would be good. Can anyone say "post-show update?"

    Great job, Mariner!
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    No wonder RAs and camp counselors drink so much after the kids are in bed.
    That is so the truth.

    Great recap, as usual
    Whenever you see darkness, there is extraordinary opportunity for the light to burn brighter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mariner
    After watching The Scholar the last two weeks, I’ve been wondering how much they pay Francine to be the RA for our budding scholars. Whatever the pay, it is not enough. Imagine being stuck in a house with 10 seventeen and eighteen year olds with raging hormones and either inflated or fragile egos. No wonder RAs and camp counselors drink so much after the kids are in bed.
    Wonderful beginning, Mariner, and I continued to laugh all the way through. You gave too much to quote, so just trust me...it's hilarious. As an aside, I've been one of those counselors, and I only did it ONE summer...my momma didn't raise no fool.
    Love The Bachelor? Catch the recap for this season's sacrificial lamb lucky guy here in Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6 and Episode 7.

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    Great work, Mariner. I thought Liz's team deserved the win this week, so I was glad she advanced anyway. The best part about that is that Davis didn't win. Sorry.
    Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oneTVslave
    Great work, Mariner. I thought Liz's team deserved the win this week, so I was glad she advanced anyway. The best part about that is that Davis didn't win. Sorry.
    No need to be sorry. I'm with you. I just can't believe we don't find out the last finalist until the 11th. Stupid National holidays.

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    Loved your recap, Mariner.. I like when you put the answers in spoiler tags; I can jog my memory before peeking.
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    Positive K
    So it's not on today because of Independence Day, is that right?

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