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Thread: 6/13 Show Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

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    For the people asking the GPA question, every school weighs grades differently and I doubt the producers recalculated the kids gpas to make them all on equal scales.

    Some schools dont weigh grades at all, so the highest you can get is a 4.0 regardless of what type of classes you have taken

    Some schools give honors classes .5 points or maybe .25 extra points

    Some schools give honors and AP classes 1 extra point.

    Then there are IB classes which tend to give two extra points, or sometimes just one.

    Some school, mine for example, gives honors one extra point and AP 2 extra points. I graduated with like a 5.0 and the Valedictorian (sp?) had a 6. point something lord knows how because thats impossible, you would have to have taken all APs all four years, which is not allowed period because of electives and lack of APs available for freshman and sophmores, so that also shows that a lot of schools INFLATE GPAs. I think my true GPA was supposed to be like a 4.5

    So their high GPAs could be the result of taking honors and AP classes along with MAYBE some grade inflation, but seeing how no one has a 5. anything i doubt any GPAs were inflated.

    And Beefy and 40 year old man, while i do agree the questions are rather easy, it is also pretty difficult to judge intelligence. Just because a person has never read Gone With the Wind doesn't mean that they don't have the potential to succeed in life. Also keep in mind Beefy that your son probably just learned about the heart and when you just learn something it is fresh in your mind. Some of these kids have not taken biology since the 8th grade. While I do feel the questions are kind of simple it wouldnt be fair to give excruciatingly (sp?) difficult questions where someone who just happens to know one answer over another would be at an advantage. So they ask simple ones because they assume the kids could at least have basic knowledge.

    They also have to keep in mind that not all the kids recieved the same type of education. These kids were able to do well with what they were given, whether it be a crummy urban public school or an elite private school, and that's what matters. So long as they show the potential, I think they'll do fine.

    Anyway there is more to intelligence than how much you can regurgitate back from grade school. I think that ant thing was a much better test of intelligence than the trivia questions. And, intelligence isn't all the committee (sp?) is looking for. They're also looking for leadership qualities, and the ability to work as a team as well as the flexibility to be intellectual and spirited. Someone who only has brains isn't going to make it all that far in life.

    I highly doubt that the final determiniation is going to be based on trivia questions. Instead the committee should come together and take everything into account as they would in a regular application. It would just be ridiculous and unfair to not give someone a scholarship because they don't know about say, Picasso.

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    I used to work for an insurance company. My co-workers and I often laughed about the Good Student Discount. They had to update it by sending in their report cards and only the grades mattered; not the type of classes they took. I hardly think "A's" in art and gym are equivalent to "A's" in chemistry and physics.

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