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Thread: Scholar: Scot

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    Positive K
    At first I thought Scot was kind of a dick for not hanging out with the other kids, but he really pulled through in the end. Good for him, he seems like a really smart guy and very self-motivated. It's nice to see someone who thinks outside the box a bit, so to speak. And he seems to "need" the scholarship more than any of them do!

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    wow 4 jobs? thats insane. im kind of surprised though, why would their parents homeschool him if they were having financial difficulties? wouldnt it have been cheaper to send him to a public school?

    uck i dont like the idea of homeschooling being tested by the SATs or ACTs. not everyone can get a high score on those tests, regardless of how great their education was, unless of course they have been studying those tests since elementary school.

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