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Thread: Scholar: Gerald

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    Eternal Joy
    Quote Originally Posted by dagwood
    3.914 the lowest in this competition? I suddenly feel reallllllly dumb.
    Me too. It's going to be really interesting how he fares though. Is it safe to consider him the underdog?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eternal Joy
    Me too. It's going to be really interesting how he fares though. Is it safe to consider him the underdog?
    It appears that that is how he sees himself so who are we to argue?

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    Quote Originally Posted by museumguy
    For the statistically minded you need to use some sort of mathematical correction to accurately compare the old fashioned 4.0 scales with the advanced placement ones...doing that a 3.9 plus is alot higher than say a 4.2 on scale modified for AP......

    and having gotten the math out of the way....some of these contestants are going to be so stressed that I hope Gerald wears the team mascot outfit at least once....just to mess with them.....
    Its quite possible that he got the same letter grades as people on the show with higher GPA's depending on whether or not his school weights AP classes and how they do so. My school for example unofficially weighted GPAs therefore, I did recieve something like a 4.5 before, but I officially graduated with a 3.9something. Some other schools officially weighted and hence people graduate with something over a 4.0

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    A) The talk about weighting AP classes is absolutely correct. I'm guessing he's from a school that didn't have as many options as Jeremy's Westminster school, so he couldn't have a 4.8 gpa or whatever even if he scored A+ in all the most difficult classes in Commerce, TX.

    B) He's well-rounded, in that he's varsity mascot and does theatre and music and stuff- and colleges DO look at that in addition to grades.

    C) But he did seem a bit out of his league in the first show- maybe it'll take time to find his footing there. Good thing this isn't a progressive elimination show.
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    Aota, he seemed out of his league in the second episode as well in my opinion. He is a weak candidate compared to the others.

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    He does seem a bit out of his league. But he has a positive attitude and seems like a genuinely nice person. I don't know that he will get a second chance at the showdown though.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    his GPA is obviously NOT weighted, so stop calling him dumb. dont compare these kids GPAs because they are all on different scales.

    Anyway he does seem like one of the weakest because his lack of exceptional extra curriculars

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    Huh? Who are you talking to? Who called him dumb?

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