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Thread: ABC show information on The Scholar

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    Positive K
    This show seems awesome. I'm a college student now so this kind of stuff interests me.

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    FORT Fan magicpizzadust's Avatar
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    I can't wait!

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    My problem with this show is that the premise is that the "Winner" will receive a wonderful scholarship. Bravo...wonderful...outstandin g!!!

    But surely the second or third place finisher...or any of the finalists who made the show can qualify for full-ride or nearly full scholarships based upon their ability and record. Top schools are always competing to attract the best and the brightest to their campus.

    The beauty of Survivor or The Amazing Race and most of the other major reality shows is that this is the ONLY chance the participant might ever have to win. But I would be amazed if schools all over the country (or private benefactors) would NOT be willing to provide very handsome scholarships to any or all of the amazing scholars competing on the show.

    Nevertheless, I look forward to the show. I am ready to see some role models for intelligence on my tv. I just can't take another bimbo who can't even tell us what President's statue is in the Lincoln Memorial. ("D-Day...1942?...'oh yeah--1942--Columbus sailed the ocean blue." GAH!!!

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    Eternal Joy
    So how does the show progress? Will one person be taken out each eppy like the Apprentice?

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