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Thread: ABC show information on The Scholar

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    wow! a reality show that doesn't sound like a suckfest!

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    Okay, so did they pull these overachieving high schoolers out of school for an extended period of time in order to film this? Sounds a little counter-productive, doesn't it???

    But it does sound very cool, and I'm proud of the premise. Good for them! I'll probably watch it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcata
    I don't know, the minute I saw the names Bunim-Murray all I could think of was the Real World and Road Rules producers are doing a 'serious' reality show??? mmmmmmmm

    Might be worth a shot at least for the premiere.
    I'm hopeful but, if anything from those type shows infects this show it will be terrible.

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    Sounds good, but I really hope the editing won't humiliate one of these young people. It's one thing when the freaks on Real World get drunk, start fights, and sleep with each other; it's another thing when a very promising young student has every foible exposed.

    I just hope it's more of a competition along the lines of Jeopardy rather than the Apprentice. I am glad to see Burnett isn't involved.

    If I had children and was desperate to get them a good education, I might allow this, but I don't know...I'd have to be pretty desperate, or have very little faith in my state school.

    Oh, and another thing...does anyone else think the contest for the top prize might be a moot point? I find it hard to believe that other schools won't automatically offer full scholarships to all of these "scholars" once this airs.
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    I have mixed feelings.

    A+... I agree it's wonderful a show is posing education as the ultimate prize rather than cash or marraige or implants. Also, these young adults all sound very impressive and are clearly extremely talented and will be successful even if they come in last place in this show.

    B... I would've loved this in high school, or younger- looking up to them as role models as a elementary or middle-school student. Also, will counteract prevalent media outlets that portray teens as self-absorbed, spiteful, and apathetic bums.

    C... In some cases there's already SO much pressure placed on students to do well. Will this show only increase that pressure to truly unreasonable levels? Both for the contestants and for other students who will find their parents or themselves comparing them to these outstanding individuals?

    D... Extraordinary students exist throughout the country, in all pockets of society. I think it would be better to provide more gov't funding for struggling school districts and subsidizing college costs rather than letting a few charismatic students duke it out on national TV for scholarships to colleges that thousands of other equally qualified students (perhaps with less exciting background stories or without the desire to be on TV) will not be able to afford?

    F... It really depends how this is edited- if they hype up drama and conflict and extreme personalities, as most reality TV shows do, this show could really be doing a huge dis-service to these students, whose lives will ALL change based on the recognition afforded from this show if it's successful. Being known as "The Bitchy One" or "The Player" isn't going to make transitioning into college any easier for any of these players. And it's different from shows like Survivor and The Real World, where the contestants/stars are older (at least 21) and supposedly adult.

    I'm gonna watch it, but I really hope it doesn't hurt these contestants.
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    I think I'm going to watch this..

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    It makes me very sad that 'reality shows' are reaching further down the age level to find participants. And when I think of the direction they're heading, and the erosion of 'true life' as opposed to reality tv life... it just makes me sad.
    I live in my own world. But it's ok, they know me there.
    Kid Nation... a sad day for society when the exploitation of children becomes acceptable entertainment for television viewers.
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    I agree, Nemeses. The only thing is that a lot of kids almost grew up in this world of talking about everything in public...just visit myspace, xanga, livejournal, or friendster for a few moments and you'll see how much even the "good" kids are already willing to reveal about themselves to the public.

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    A bit afraid that the Tv mentality being what it is that they will try to some how to script this like revenege of the nerds....still I am hoping that they do the right thing with this and reward people for being smart....I will watch with fingers crossed

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    I'm watching for sure....I was going to apply for this show, but now I'm glad that I didn't because these kids are complete brainiacs it seems. I would not fit in with them....I mean, come on, I'm watching TV before going off to college! How well am I gonna do?

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