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The challenge is to design a magazine cover based on titles that the winner of the Mini-Challenge gives out to the queens. They each had to write the copy for the cover, pose for a cover shot, and then lay out the cover design.

For the mini-challenge, the library was open! :lol The queens took turns reading each other. Latrice, Willam and Chad did really well, and Sharon got a couple of good ones in. Phi Phi completely choked (as usual). Ru named Latrice the winner.

In the workroom, Phi Phi continued to be a spiteful, hateful b**** and advised Jiggly Caliente to take her fitness magazine cover seriously instead of going for laughs, which he knew was the wrong advice. Phi Phi then went over to Willam and bragged about sabotaging Jiggly, who is already a wreck for being in the bottom so many times. Even Willam was taken aback. I was so hoping that Phi Phi would bomb and be sent home this week.

The winner and the bottom two were surprising. To my anger and dismay, Phi Phi won her first challenge. But honestly, hers was the only professional looking cover, and somehow she managed to put a really good look together for the runway. Also, everyone else basically bombed with their covers, and the runway was hit or miss for most of them.

Jiggly was in the bottom (of course), but shockingly, she had to lip-synch against Willam, who had a cheap cover and a 5 o'clock shadow on the runway. But the song was My Vida Loca by Pam Tillis (one of this week's judges), and Jiggly was out of her element. So, Ru asked Jiggly "May I call you Jiggly?" for the last time.