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Thread: INXS dropped by record label

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    INXS dropped by record label

    Not surprising since their album, Switch, didn't do that well.

    INXSessive blow

    September 16, 2006 12:00

    INXS has been dropped by its US record label in a major setback for the Australian band's comeback with new singer JD Fortune.

    Epic Records, a subsidiary of industry giant Sony BMG, has pulled the pin on the veteran rockers after releasing their first post-Michael Hutchence album, Switch, in November last year.

    The label's decision leaves the group effectively back at square one in its return to album-making and releasing new material in the US, which was initially given a huge leg-up by the selection of Canadian singer Fortune as the winner of last year's Rock Star: INXS contest.

    It's understood INXS fell out favour as a result of personnel changes in the hierarchy at Sony BMG.

    But a spokeswoman for Sony BMG Australia said the fact INXS was now left without a label in the US would not affect the backing of the band here.

    "We're still working the album and the band and it won't change because of what happened over there,'' she said.

    INXS have enjoyed a particularly successfuul comeback in both Fortune's homeland of Canada and Australia, where the new album is close to the double platinum mark of 140,000 sales.

    The dropping is a double blow for INXS after it had to call off its European tour this week because of guitarist Tim Farriss' knee injury.

    Farriss has to undergo surgery after twisting his leg and tearing ligaments during the band's Canberra stop on its Australian tour a fortnight ago.


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    Oh ! One suggestion. INXS should do another Rockstar season and pick a new singer to replace JD as he obviously didn't bring them a greater success.

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    Well, that is too bad. I loved the Switch CD, and still am playing it in my car. Hubby and I also saw them in concert and truly enjoyed it. Hopefully Tim will quickly recover so that their tour can continue.

    Thank you for the report OS.

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    Well, they seem to be having quite a bit of success touring, selling out shows all over the world. I saw them and they were fantastic. I think it's getting harder and harder to *sell* 'albums' these days, with people just buying and downloading single songs off the internet. I wouldn't take this as a sign that JD wasn't "right" for them at all. In fact, they and their fans seem to be very happy with the choice they made. Thoses who didn't like them or their choice will of course see this as a sign that they made a mistake, but I doubt if the band feels that way.

    Oh well, they will still put out a new album with their Australian record company, and I'm sure they will do just fine. It's a fickle business, the music industry.

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    jd and inxs have been kicking ass on tour. Switch is a great cd. I dont
    think that switch can be considered a failure. 375,000 sold in the us is
    not being a failure. As far as them being dropped it was a mutual dicision.
    They already talking about their next cd. I cant wait. As far a epic/sony
    its their loss. Based on some of the other junk they are producing I wont
    be purchasing anything from them any time soon. Inxs and jd are very
    happy togehter. I saw them in concert and it was awesome.

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    Re: INXS dropped by record label

    INXS and JD are awesome. He's so sexy. They are young with him. Pretty Vegas is so good.
    Whitney won!!!

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