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Thread: Rock Star - Elimination Show Report - 9/6/06 *TEASERS*

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    Rock Star - Elimination Show Report - 9/6/06 *TEASERS*

    At one of the Elimination Shows last month, when there were 10 Rockers left, I watched as Brooke made half of them stand for possible inclusion in the Bottom 3. Remaining seated and safe that day were Magni, Dilana, Storm, Lukas, and Toby. I happened to have cast votes for each of them the night before, and they were my picks for the Top 5. But even if they made it that far, I knew a day would come when they would start going home.

    Well, today was that day. And, believe me, it was as wrenching as I feared.

    Dave certainly spoke for many of us when he said at the top of the show that he doesn’t want to see ANY of them go – but it was not his decision to make.

    After Brooke announced that the votes were double what they were last year and that the final results were almost too close to call, we got our video package of last night’s performances and some “Back at the Mansion” footage. Nothing controversial this week – just the Rockers celebrating an awesome show. The Q&A that followed primarily focused on each Rocker’s feelings about premiering their original songs to a worldwide audience.

    Next up was another new Supernova song: It’s All Love. It sounded a bit “pop-ier” (i.e. more “radio friendly”) than the songs we’ve heard previously. But I liked it – and the Rocker chosen did a pretty good job on it. And I’m not sayin’ anything more than that.

    Next we got the encore. As a special bonus for getting the encore this week, the chosen Rocker also received the keys to a brand new Honda Ridgeline. So one of the Rockers got a brand new car and the chance to do their original song again – and we got another great performance.

    Then it was time for the Bottom 3. Following the usual drill, Brooke asked the Rockers to stand when she called out their name. Toby. Storm. Lukas. Magni. Dilana. That’s right! ALL the Rockers were in the Bottom 3 at one point during the vote last night. But who was safe? And who would be singing?

    The songs performed by the Bottom 3 were:

    Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd
    I Want You To Want Me, Cheap Trick
    Original Song, Rocker (You read that right: One Rocker did their original again.)

    It was a trio of super performances – and I don’t think it’s giving away too much to say that one of them had half the audience in tears.

    When Supernova returned, Gilby gave his usual rundown and sent one Rocker back to safety. Then it was Tommy’s turn. But the dude couldn’t do it! He was too upset to wield the Tommyhawk tonight, so he passed it to Jason, who then delivered the verdict.

    And then there were FOUR...
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    Thank you LAGuy!

    Hm, I would say the original was by Storm, Magni did Pink Floyd, and Dilana Cheap Trick.
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    The Tommyhawk wussed out? Unbelieveable!

    I'll take a stab at the bottom 3 and the songs performed:

    Original song - Magni
    IWYTWM - Storm
    WYWH - This is the toughest one, but I'm guessing Dilana is again B3, so I'll say this one is hers.

    Lots of tears, eh? That almost makes me think it's Dilana, but if four are going to the final, I'm willing to bet a paycheque it's 2 guys and 2 girls. So I think it's Magni.

    Thanks, LAGuy, I've been lurking around all day waiting for your report.
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    I just made a sound that kind of coincided with Tommy's odd choice of emissions last night. Kind of like an expiring shriek ending with a soft thud.

    My guesses, which are always wrong, follow:

    Storm-- SN song... Go baby, go, especially with a poppier song, show them what they'll be missing.... I kind of have a feeling that they won't give Magni the shot.

    Encore-- Toby's original. Only other guess is Storm's Suffragette City.

    Wish you were here: Magni? Dilana, perhaps, (perchance to dream)?
    I Want you to want me: Storm? Also perhaps, Dilana.
    Original: Lukas? maybe Magni, but I'm going with Lukas.

    Thank you LA Guy, we love you!!
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    Thanks LAGuy, my money is on Dilana doing IWYTWM, I'll go with Magni for Wish You Were Here, but if Storm has to be B3, I hope she sings it. She would kill that song and I love that song. But I am guessing Storm does her origional.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AsIs View Post
    But I am guessing Storm does her origional.
    Of course, AsIs, that seems much more likely than my guess. Although, that would leave the Cheap Trick to be done by ????... I would love for Storm to do it, would remind me of the Letters to Cleo cover with a woman singing it. Thanks for posting your thoughts.
    Could does not mean should

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    Oh man this is too much

    Magni did the Wish you werehere
    Cheap Trick Storm
    and original Dilana

    please don't tell me that Magni has packed his bags

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    Argh, I can't bear to hear tonight, if Magni was let go. I am wondering though if Tommy would be that upset to let Magni go, since he seems to have always been the one who criticizes Magni the most of the three. My guess is it's Dilana, and he's pretty broken up about it because she was such a strong favorite of the band. Any way you slice it, it's going to be tough tonight. I think Dilana is a great performer, and her claims that this is the "make or break it" time for her makes me sad, if she does get the Tommyhawk.

    Please, please, please let me votes count for something, and let Magni be safe tonight!

    Oooh, I wonder if Storm does the encore and wins the Ridgeline, or maybe Lukas??

    Interesting that all of them had to stand. It's just sooo close this year!!

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    Here... I'll give my wrong predictions, too.

    Wish You Were Here, Magni was the first one I thought of, too.
    I Want You To Want Me, Storm
    Original Song, Dilana (or Lukas, actually)

    Dilana will once again give a speech about how her original song speaks for her, etc...

    Storm will have the audience in tears... possibly because she's being sent home. (I'm thinking it should be Dilana just based upon her recent performances, not on her drama, but....)

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    thanks so much for the teasers

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