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Thread: 8/23 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I find Magni to be boring whereas Toby is just fun to watch.

    Ryan was only getting a taste of his own medicine from Dilana, having thrashed Dana a few weeks back. I don't trust this guy, he creeps me out. At least Dilana was being honest and forthright with her comments. Go Dilana ! I will vote for you.

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    Great post, Pono!

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    I have a problem with people defending Dilana on the basis of her comment of this being a compeition. Yes it is a competition - a singing competition. There are no extra scores for backstabbing your fellow contestants. If you are the right person, you get the gig. Simple as that. That is something you have to prove on stage, not talking smack on TV. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that this kind of behaviour is going to work against her. These guys have experience. They have ALL been in a band before where there was SPECIFICALLY a problem between then and their lead singer (Axl, Vince and James respectfully) and they are surely looking out for signs of a troublesome personality as well...

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    Quote Originally Posted by smooches View Post
    Several tonight suggested that the Dilana bashing was exaggerated by editing. My immediate response is this.........If you don't say it, then it won't ever be available to be put into an edit package. I don't care what degree she meant it in, those words still came out of her mouth.
    I don't think anyone is blaming the "evil editing" for making her look bad, she did that herself. It was really a boneheaded thing to do (and I think she meant every word of it). Lukas has done it, Ryan has done it, and I'm sure others have too.

    We're just pointing out the fact the the producers chose to show us that now. They have hours and hours to choose from, but they went with that in order to create drama. Up until recently, Dilana has been damn near perfect in the eyes of most folks. That was a story arc, being set up to be knocked down.

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    Was anyone else annoyed by Dilana putting her name into the lyrics? also did anyone buy the story about her Mom's favorite song? I call BS!

    Sorry, its the wrong recap, but it annoyed me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlondieGal View Post
    I have a feeling that all three of the guys have a different singer in mind for their band. Maybe that would explain their weekly contradicting statements. How did these three guys get together anyway?
    Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

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    For LAGuy and Blues Songstress, what was the band's reaction to the Dilana fracas? All we saw on TV was Dave's comments. Last year, INXS didn't have a problem with JD's comparable antics. I get the feeling that the whole issue was staged for TV, not because SN really cares. (Not that Dilana didn't say those things of her own volition, or that they weren't juvenile and obnoxious… just that Tommy and the crew don't give a rip.)
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    It just sucks trying to make yourself look better by slagging everyone else.
    If you can't win by your own merits you don't deserve it.
    She had/has a big fan base, why is she so afraid of the competition?

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    Quote Originally Posted by daft View Post
    She had/has a big fan base, why is she so afraid of the competition?
    Well, she actually doesn't know she has a huge fanbase. Aside from looking at those Live Spaces pages, they aren't allowed any real contact with the outside world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Remus Lupin View Post
    Well, she actually doesn't know she has a huge fanbase. Aside from looking at those Live Spaces pages, they aren't allowed any real contact with the outside world.
    She at least knows that her fan base is larger than that of anyone who has been in the bottom three, who would be everyone but Lukas, I think. Actually, that might explain her particular animosity towards him.
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