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Thread: Rock Star - Elimination Show Report - 8/23/06 *TEASERS*

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    Rock Star - Elimination Show Report - 8/23/06 *TEASERS*

    Lots & lots of DRAMA today. Dilana fans, especially, are going to want to don their flame-resistant suits tonight. She gets fairly well raked over the coals – not once, but twice!

    The first time is after the “Back at the Mansion” footage at the top of the show. The second time occurred later, when they went into the whole Media Clinic thing. The Q&As after both taped segments went on for quite a while, so I imagine quite a bit might be left on the cutting room floor. But whatever’s left should make for compelling (though not always pleasant) TV.

    Sandwiched in between these two clip packages was a new Supernova song - Be Yourself, and Five Other Cliches – with another Rocker fronting the band. The song had a heavy, almost martial beat, and I think the Rocker chosen was an excellent fit.

    Here’s a shock: NO ENCORE TODAY! Instead, that time was spent (as I said earlier) dealing with fallout from the Media Clinic.

    Finally, we got to the Bottom 3. After Brooke announced the Early Voting Results Bottom 3, another Rocker was asked to join them. The songs performed by the Final Bottom 3 were:

    Fire, Jimi Hendrix
    Middle of the Road, The Pretenders
    Plush, Stone Temple Pilots

    I didn’t care for one of the performances, but the other two are MUST SEE. One really made me feel like I was at a rock concert. And the other just ripped the roof off the place! The audience went crazy and the cheering just went on & on. I sure hope it translates to the TV screen.

    Supernova deliberated for their by-now-usual 25 minutes or so, before the Hatchett Man sent another Rocker home.

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    WOW! This one sounds exciting... I'm thinking Ryan gets to perform with the band tonight... Thanks LAGuy!

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    Thanks LAGuy - you ROCK!!!
    I'm really looking forward to it now.

    Question: Did you agree with SN's decision on who to send home this week??

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    Thank you so much LAGuy, I was just about to shut down for the day and go home, and I popped in for one last check of your elimination show recap.

    Based on the songs sung by the bottom 3: I'm guessing that they are Patrice, Toby, and my boyfriend Ryan (sniff!) I will be so glad if I'm wrong that he would have sung Fire.

    Did we get any more info about Lukas' performance, any further explanation on "Check please" that seems to have polarized the audience?

    Thanks again!
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    Thanks LAGuy! No encore? Storm got ripped off then. Unless she got the nod to perform with SN.

    Interesting song choices for B3. I'm guessing the Pretenders is Patrice, but I'm a little stumped on the others. I would assume Plush is Magni, except he already performed it...so I'll go out on a limb and say Toby. I refuse to admit Storm may be B3, and only a guitar player would pick Hendrix anyway, so I'll guess Ryan did Fire.

    ETA: Outa my head, Veronica, I posted this before I read your remarks.
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    I love the title to that SN song. Very clever (which is not normally a work I associate with SN).

    Thanks again for your impressions, LAGuy. I look forward to them just as much as to the actual show.
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    Holy cow! Now that's what I call a teaser!
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    Plush again? I am getting a bit tired of the song. If someone chose that song, they better have sung the hell out of it. Otherwise it would be a meh choice.

    Thanks for the teaser!
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    Thank you LAGuy! I hope that it is Ryan's turn with SN, and not Lukas. Exceptional teaser!!

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    Ohohoho! I can't wait for the show tonight!

    Gustav Holst was right!

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