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Thread: 8/22 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Who Chopper or my dog Sherman (the dog in the avatar)....either way, they are both French Bulldogs...I have two. I'd be willing to bet my house on that. Great dogs with exceptional personalities.
    let's compare the two:

    A french bulldog stands squat and has a droopier snout and usually has patches of dark fur. Boston terriers are distinguishable by the white fur on their snout, their neck and chest.

    Back the real topic, as I could recall Dilana, Toby, Lucas, and Storm have never seen the bottom 3. Magni has been there once, actually the first episode. I think the B3 tonight will be Toby, Patrice and.....???? I would like to say Ryan but he did the best and actually I'm not sure if he'll get the encore again since he already had 2 while the others only had 1 each (except for Patrice with zilch). They will probably give it to Lucas. Magni did well too with Nirvana. A newcomer will be in the bottom 3 and it could be Storm. I think she should have been in the B3 last time she sang "I Will Survive" so this is just payback. Patrice will be eliminated. Now let the games begin!
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