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Thread: Favorite performance by each person?

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    Favorite performance by each person?

    Includes the people eliminated (Excluding Matt, who we only heard twice.)

    Any favorites?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hebtheeagle View Post
    Includes the people eliminated (Excluding Matt, who we only heard twice.)

    Any favorites?
    I dug Magni's version of "Creep." Lukas' was good too, but he emoted Thom Yorke, whereas Magni made it his own. I also liked Magni's "The Dolphin's Cry."

    I liked Patrice's Bottom 3 songs. Strangely, she seems more comfortable when it's on the line than when it's not. "My Iron Lung" was awesome. I also liked the Jeff Buckley song, "Eternal Life." I especially liked that she blew the doors off Lukas' version of "Celebrity Skin."

    I forget which song Storm did stripped down--not "I Will Survive," the other one. She's really captivating. I HATED "Anything, Anything."[She did "We Are the Champions"--Awesome]

    I liked Jill's take on Tracy Bonham.

    Last year, I remember everyone's performances were just OK, until Marty did "Mr. Brightside" and Suzie did "Bohemian Rhapsody." That raised the stakes for everyone else. To date, the only moments I've seen that even resembled a change in the game were Lukas' "Creep" and Magni's "Dolphin's Cry" when he quieted everyone with a shush. Someone has to separate themselves from the pack.

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    Since this week is vote for the song the rockers will perform, this topic is as good as any to discuss which song we would like them to sing.

    Storm: I am torn between something I know she will do well, We are the Champions or Changes and the wildcard, "Bring Me to Life," Evanescence to hear something new.

    Magni: He can do just about anything well, so I would like to see him do "I Alone," Live.

    Toby: Which song do we think was his best? I'm willing to throw my vote that way.

    All Others: I vote that we give them the wildcard to hear something different.
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    Let's see, hmmm. Okay, they would be:

    Magni - Starman
    Storm - Anything, Anything
    Zayra - Razorblade
    Lukas - Creep
    Dilana - Time After Time
    Jill - Mother Mother

    And while beads of blood are forming on my forehead because I'm thinking so hard, I honestly can't say I've enjoyed any performance from any of the other competitors. Wow, I can't believe that I enjoyed performances from Zayda and Jill over, what, seven other people, but it's true - I did.
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    These are the songs I requested from the singers ~

    Dilana ~ Lithium (by ruling out the others)
    Lukas ~ Bittersweet Symphony (same reason as Dilana)
    Magni ~ The Dolphin's Cry
    Patrice ~ Instant Karma
    Ryan ~ Losing My Religion (Loved when he sang this! )
    Storm ~ Bring Me To Life (My only Wild Card vote) (Another fave song of mine)
    Toby ~ Somebody Told Me

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    Dilana - Zombie, Time After Time
    Lukas - Rebel Yell, Let's Spend the Night Together
    Magni - Heroes, Creep
    Ryan - Losing My Religion
    Toby - Pennyroyal Tea
    Storm - We are the Champions
    Patrice - My Iron Lung
    Josh - Santeria
    Jill - Alone
    Chris - L A Woman
    Matt - Planet Earth
    Jenny - Vasoline
    Phil - None
    Zayra - None
    Dana - None

    BTW, you can check out snippets of all songs at rockstar.msn.com

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    The only ones that come to mind are:

    Magni: Starman, Creep, Dolphin's Cry
    Jill: Alone
    Zayra: Her original song
    Ryan: At the piano
    Dilana: None
    Lukas: None

    All the rest have been okay or not, but nothing to stay in my memory.
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    Magni - Plush
    Storm - Anything, Anything
    Zayra - Everybody Hurts
    Lukas - Creep
    Dilana - Time After Time
    Jill - Bring me to Life

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    I honestly can't remember most of their performances...the few that stand out are:

    Zayra: "I'm Not an Addict" and her original song, "Lluvia De Mar," sung in espanol
    Magni: "The Dolphin's Cry"
    Lukas: "Let's Spend the Night Together"
    Toby: "Sombody Told Me"
    Storm: "Anything, Anything"
    Josh: "Santeria"

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    Favorite Performance by each Rocker:
    (Thus far)

    Dilana: It's hard, because I've at least liked every single performance, and loved most of them. But "Lithium" stands out, because it just punched America in the gut really hard right off the bat. It was utterly magnetic. Later on someone revealed that she got a few words wrong, but the performance sticks in your craw so much I couldn't really care less about that. I've re-watched the video quite a few times since then and it STILL has the same effect on me. I can't look away.

    Magni: I don't give a CRAP what the "voters" said by putting him in the B3 that week. "Starman" was the best thing he's done on this show by a mile. "Heroes" was pretty good too, so he's got a real hold on Bowie, but "Starman" was just a bit better.

    Storm: "Changes" was great. But "We Are The Champions" was better than great. You know how you really prove you have singing talent? You just stand there and SING. Flat out. Without tricks, vocal gyrations, heck... even without stage dives, although they are fun. And Freddie Mercury pretty much cornered the market on doing those songs in an over-the-toppish manner. Anyone else who tries it that way, inevitably looks like a fool. Storm isn't a fool.

    Lukas: Jason and his harping on Lukas grinding his vocal cords down doesn't change the fact that Lukas sounds kind of cool when he does that. But that said, the one song where he DIDN'T do that, "Creep" DOES happen to be the best.

    Toby: "Somebody Told Me" kicked @ss, because he was the first male rocker to REALLY command an audience, and he did it with that song. He's gone downhill a bit since that.

    Jill: She only really aced things, and defined herself as less than a fool, with her elimination-saving performance of "Alone". She had other good performances, but that was the time she really moved people. Too bad she was such a buffoon otherwise, because her voice by itself was quite lovely.

    Lil' Rabbit Foo-Foo aka Dana: When she sang "Born to Be Wild" she sounded (and looked) like a little girl playing dress up as an adult rocker. Two weeks later, with better rocker makeup, better rocker clothes, some darker hair coloring, and some lessons in glaring, grunting and growling gained no doubt from watching Dilana's "Lithium" performance over and over, she really DID do much much better with a different Nirvana song--"About a Girl". She was still a little girl playing a grown-up, but at least now it was a good impression.

    With all of the remaining rockers, I'd have to say NOTHING they did has really convinced me to love them, even momentarily, or really moved me.
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