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Thread: Favorite performance by each person?

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    Quote Originally Posted by quangtran View Post
    Magni - Plush
    Storm - Anything, Anything
    Zayra - Everybody Hurts
    Lukas - (I'm now leaving this blank cause I honestly haven't enjoyed any of his performances)
    Dilana - (see Lukas)
    Toby - (see Dilana)
    Jill - Bring me to Life
    Just updating the list

    Phil - White Rabbit
    Josh - Come As You Are
    Ryan - In the Air Tonight

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    Love this season of Rockstar! Totally blows the past season out of the park, and all 5 seasons of American Idol with it

    Hear are my faves of each rocker:
    Dilana - Lithium
    Magni - The Dolphin's Cry
    Storm - We Are The Champions
    Toby - Burning Down The House
    Ryan - Losing My Religion
    Lukas - Creep
    Patrice - My Iron Lung
    Zayra - Lluvia De Mar
    Jill - Alone
    Josh - Santeria
    Dana - About A Girl
    Phil - White Rabbit
    Jenny - Drive
    Chris - If You Could Only See
    Matt - Planet Earth

    My Favourite Three Performances
    Ryan Star - Losing My Religion
    Magni - The Dolphin's Cry
    Dilana - Lithium

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    Quote Originally Posted by SurferBlonde View Post
    Dilana - Zombie, Time After Time
    Lukas - Rebel Yell, Let's Spend the Night Together
    Magni - Heroes, Creep
    Ryan - Losing My Religion
    Toby - Pennyroyal Tea
    Storm - We are the Champions
    Patrice - My Iron Lung
    Josh - Santeria
    Jill - Alone
    Chris - L A Woman
    Matt - Planet Earth
    Jenny - Vasoline
    Phil - None
    Zayra - None
    Dana - None
    Updating my list:
    I'll replace Zayra - None with Everybody Hurts. She really did good on that one (unfortunately, the only one).

    The best performances for me are:
    1. Ryan's Losing My Religion: I like his cover so much better than REM's. Sorry REM.
    2. Dilana's Zombie: Maybe its the lyrics, but I can't get this one out of my head.
    3. Dilana's Time After Time: Cyndi Lauper would be proud.

    Magni and Lucas will get honorable mentions, but not good enough to beat the top three.

    It is only me that I thought that Supernova's original song was lame! And what about, "here's the tune, write the lyrics to fit it". Isn't it kind of like saying, "here's a coat, find someone who would fit into it."
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    "It is only me that I thought that Supernova's original song was lame! And what about, "here's the tune, write the lyrics to fit it". Isn't it kind of like saying, "here's a coat, find someone who would fit into it."

    No, you're not the only one. They should really have the winner write the lyrics, perhaps whoever they choose could bring some worth to the songs. It's kind of strange that they hated Dilana's lyrics for the song writting seminar they had, yet the song they played at the same type of lyrics. Perhaps the winner could try to salvage the songs by making song seem a little deeper by having some good lyrics. It's kind of funny that all the hit performances during the show are these serious, darker songs and then Supernova plays their music and it's just typical party band music.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AsIs View Post
    Toby: Which song do we think was his best? I'm willing to throw my vote that way.
    I loved his "Somebody Told Me" best.
    Never let the things you want make you forget about the things you have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway View Post
    I loved his "Somebody Told Me" best.
    Done! I also voted for We Are the Champions by Storm. Everyone else got Wildcard.
    "How do you know the chosen ones? No greater love hath a man than he lay down his life for his friend. Not for millions, not for glory, not for fame... for one person. In the dark. Where no one will ever know or see." - Sebastion, Babylon 5

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    Magni's edition of The Dolphins Cry and Ryan's edition of Losing My Religion remain the most memorable highlights of the season.

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    So far my favorites have been

    Lukas' Let's Spend the Night Together and Creep
    Storm's Anything Anything
    Magni's Dolphin's Cry
    Zayara's Original Song

    The rest have been pretty forgettable to me...even Dilana's Ring of Fire...I'm not really a fan of her voice or the way she sings, so not a favorite.

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    Magni - The song he did in bottom three this week
    Storm - Not really having a fav but I guess Anything anything
    Zayra - Everybody Hurts
    Lukas - Yeah not liking him
    Dilana - Time after time
    Toby - I have liked them all
    Jill - Alone (favorite of the show)
    Ryan- Into the night

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    here are mine...

    dana-the nirvana song(forgot the name)
    dilana-lithium, but cats in the cradle also was great. and so was her supernova one!
    jill-alone, all right now. for shock value, violet
    josh-love song
    lukas-bittersweet symphony and creep
    magni- dolphins cry
    patrice-helter skelter
    storm-anything,anything and just what i needed.
    toby-white wedding
    zayra-only for shock value, jenny 867-5309. absolutely hilarious and her most psychotic of all.

    chris, jenny, matt, phil, and ryan have done nothing for me.

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