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Thread: 8/15 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    [QUOTE=Juls2;2018514]Dilana screwed up the lyrics so many times that it was pathetic ... she did not do this song or Harry Chapin justice. I was way disappointed in her performance tonight and definitely would not call it the best performance of the evening ....

    I only just got to see the show, Can someone wwho recorded check but I am sure she sang silver moon instead of spoon.

    It just seemed all over the place. and didnt tell the story.

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    You are correct Redondo.

    Also, am worried about LAGuy ... I hope he's ok ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlondieGal View Post
    Blues, any teasers you can give us?
    I wrote up a quickie teaser.... sorry short notice precludes a really in-depth review.

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