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Thread: 8/15 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    My two cents:

    Lukas disappointed tonight. Oh, I like his stage presence and all. But after hearing him open up last week, hearing him growl his way through half of "Hero" was painful. I kept thinking how great that song might have sounded if he had just kept his throat relaxed instead of growling.

    I didn't like Dilana's singing either. Maybe it's different, hearing it in person versus hearing it over my non-stereo tv, because I thought her lower registers were weak and she should have sung in a higher key.

    I really like Magni, but he's probably too nice for SN. I don't see him pulling the kind of antics on stage that I think SN might want in a front man.

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    Wanna see something interesting? Someone on another site mentioned this, and it seems to check out.

    Apparently Dilana used to go by the stage name "Dilana Smith" instead of the current "Dilana Robichaux". And... there are some videos out there for Dilana Smith:


    I wasn't QUITE sure it was her from the first one, "Breakfast In Central Park", which is well performed but trite, but the second one, "To All Planets" is clearly her. It looks like it ties into some crappy movie none of us really wants to see.

    I have no idea if she actually wrote these, so perhaps she's just had bad management. Or different standards in Holland, where she seems to have landed between South Africa and Texas.

    "You don't rehearse Mr. T, you just turn him loose."
    -----Sylvester Stallone, on Mr. T-----

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    I'm in the "Keep it plugged in all the time"

    I thought it was a blah show and no one good enough for an encore.

    Dave navarro - you commented that Storm didn't change it up, and Marty did with his "Hit me baby", but did you notice the similarity between Marty's version and the band Travis' version? No, me neither.

    As for Storm - blah. I hope she is in the bottom three and brings the massive heat to the show. Plus the rest of the talent is so bad I don't care who they knock off, just make sure its Patrice, Zayra, Toby and Ryan.

    Magni - he was the best for me. Talented guy, I could see him in front of this band.

    Lukas - annoys me, but talented.

    Dilana - i don't really like that song, and she did it pretty good, well as good as its going to get. I love exotic voices, Geddy Lee, the guy from Placebo, Morrissey... but i don't think I could take 45 minutes of Dilana. 15 minutes I could probably deal with, but I just don't think I could make much more than that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JR. View Post
    They should never do "stripped down" again. I thought it sucked the usual energy right out of the show.
    I agree. I didn't feel any energy tonight, and the show seemed quite lifeless to me. I won't even start with the song choices. I've never seen the panel look so bored throughout a whole evening. Maybe they were still all hungover and didn't want their heads blown away.

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    I think the problem wasn't with the acoustic setting, but with the song choices. They should not have put "I Will Surive" up there. It serves no purpose other than to provide empty TV drama. Plus Phil Collins, Nickelback, Harry Chapin -- blah. There are plenty of classic hard rock songs that they could have done acoustically, even if they couldn't get the rights for the biggies like Led Zeppelin.

    The best: Magni, Toby, Dilana.

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    I usually like Dilana, but I'm starting to sense that she's pulling a "Jordis Unga" - apparantly unstoppable at the outset, but has nowhere to go but down given her fast start out of the gates. Did anyone else notice that she screwed up the words a few times (she said "cat's in the cradle and the silver "moon" instead of "spoon" one time during the chorus and kept saying the "man on the moon" instead of the "man in the moon" each time)?

    I generally agree with the praise thrust upon her, but this week she was a bit boring to me.

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    Dilana screwed up the lyrics so many times that it was pathetic ... she did not do this song or Harry Chapin justice. I was way disappointed in her performance tonight and definitely would not call it the best performance of the evening ....

    With that said, I'm going to type something I never, ever, ever thought I'd type ... I think the best performance of the evening was Zayra. Wow .. I can't believe I typed that - but it's true ... her song was beautiful ...

    I also think Storm was ragged on too hard ... it wasn't that bad ...

    I think Patrice has already checked out, knows it and has her bag packed and is ready to come home to Austin and play the ACL (Austin City Limits) Festival.

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    I thought they were all pretty boring.

    Acoustic song list:

    Cheap Trick "If you want my love"

    Alice in Chains "Would" ???

    I'm sure something by Coldplay would have been available.

    The Cult's "Edie (Ciao Baby)" - would have been pretty awesome.

    Duran Duran "Save a prayer"

    Could they have gotten an Eric Clapton song?

    agh whateve....just no more crap song choices and I'll be happy.

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    My thoughts:

    Did NOT like:

    seriously, that was boring. She's got a good voice, but her stage presence is non-existent to me. I agree with Juls2, she looks like she's already checked out. I think she'll be the next to go.

    Toby: I love Solsbury Hill, but I didn't like this arrangement at all. Too fast for one thing, too "boppy" - I know they are all trying to "change things up" but to my mind there are just some songs that you should leave alone and just KILL IT when you sing it. YMMV.

    Just MEH to me:

    I'm confessing, I'm a little tired of her now. It didn't blow me away at all, just seemed like same-old, same-old. Meh. I truly do not see what the band was so hyped up about...seriously, what? They keep giving her kudo after kudo, and yet I don't see her growing at all. Maybe it's just me, but she's getting boring.

    Ryan: He did a good job vocally but his angst-ridden, semi-psychotic glare detracts from the performance for me. I can close my eyes and enjoy him, but that's about it. Also, the big drum solo bit that is the BEST PART of the Phil Collins version, seemed subdued. I love Nate. Put him in front next time please, and let him rip it. Ryan just seems to put on an act, the intense brooding "rock star" and it's tiring, IMO.

    Storm: I enjoyed the beginning, actually, but cringed at the end. Yuck. I'll throw a few votes her way though, as it was a sucky song to have in the first place. You just knew the guys were going to hate it.

    Enjoyed a lot:

    Not my favorite Bowie song by a long shot, but I love the quality of his voice. He's awesome. Not sure about the Mr. Clean look though.

    Lukas: I really like Lukas. Thought he did a great job with the song (I hate Nickleback...now there's a lead singer who every time I hear one of their songs I should out "Clear your THROAT for pity's sake!!") and I loved the facial expressions. He really performs when he's on stage, and unlike Ryan it feels genuine to me. I wish though he's chosen a tall stool to perch on rather than that chair. It felt uncomfortable. But it didn't detract from the quality of his singing or his performance enough to make a difference to me. Great job. Oh, and I can't help it, he's sexy to me. Is there a 12-step program I can join?

    Zayra: can't believe I'm saying this, but she sounded beautiful singing her original song and she looked to comfortable, so 'right' somehow. Z, honey, you don't belong with these clowns, you should be doing your own songs and making bucketloads of cash at the same time. Trust me, some day, if you keep doing what you do best, SN will be wishing they could open up for you on tour. Well, probably not but you get the point. I really enjoyed that song and the performance.

    Special msg to SN: for pete's sake, guys, don't complain one moment about Lukas sitting down while playing the guitar, and then immediately have Gilby sitting on the piano, a-la-Kermit-the-frog, playing the guitar. Just a whiff of hypocricy there guys. I know, the lead singer is different from the guitar player, but I'm just sayin...
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    I have to agree with you on Zayra. She doesn't fit the band, but that was a great song.

    How strange would it be if she got the encore (she won't) and was in the bottom three?

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