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Thread: 8/15 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway View Post
    *sniff* You can do both!!!
    Well, I threw a vote or two his way as well. The typy in crazy numbers and letters thing gives me a headache tho.
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    I am in the minority too, I thought Storm stuck it up, and normally she just is meh. Ryan to me did great, but he gets no credit for what he does. Dilana was good, but to say she was better than Ryan was off to me.

    Bottom three for me Z, Patrice, and Storm and they could send em all packing and I would not miss em.

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    If I could pick one person to go home right now, it would be Patrice. Even Storm's performance was "interesting" to me. Patrice's was just very ... hrnnngggzzzzzzzzz.

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    Is anyone else having a problem voting? I'm getting endless iterations of the "log in to MSN entertainment" window flooding my screen and locking up my computer. I can't even see the main page for the show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MagicBullet View Post
    If I could pick one person to go home right now, it would be Patrice. Even Storm's performance was "interesting" to me. Patrice's was just very ... hrnnngggzzzzzzzzz.
    Agreed. Storm on a crappy day, and even "meh" as people find her, is still far better than Zayra and Patrice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dberk View Post
    I don't understand all of the Dilana love. Her range is horrible. It's practically a monotone and she is a total freak in appearance.
    I've heard her sing like Cyndi Lauper, Stevie Nicks, Kurt Cobain, and several others--people with both low and high registers. That doesn't seem all that limited to me.

    As for her appearance? This isn't exactly "Accounting Star: Conservative Business Suit", it's "Rock Star: Supernova". Rock stars don't tend to dress like people on the street. Well, unless its people on a street in West Hollywood or Greenwich Village. It's weird, sure, but it actually works for her. She's actually a decent looking woman underneath all of that too, and while admittedly the clothes, studs and hair distract from that, they also do kind of make sure she never fades into the background, the way, lets say... Jenny did.

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    I am a Storm fan... proudly admit. I enjoyed the performance. I am familiar with the Cake verison of it and liked how she tried to change it up. I think she did well with the song that she got stuck with. I have never voted before so I am voting as we speak, on line for her. I think she deserves to be in the top four at least. I think Dilana is a interesting person... I sometimes dig her performances but her voice sometimes drives me insane... The scratchiness of it for me anyway can get a little too much. She is a great performer... just not my cup of tea. But Storm.... I got your back girl.
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    Zayra must go.

    I really didn't like Storm's "I Will Survive" Not to my liking at all. I was rolling over Tommy Lee's "Sauteed in wrong sauce"
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    GREAT 'evil grin' smiley face Unk!
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    Quote Originally Posted by iced_spice View Post
    Her original definitely sold *me*-- I don't speak Spanish and have no clue what she said. But I loved it, and I'll download it and buy her album if she puts one out.
    I loved it too. I thought Z was on her mark tonight. Yeah, I know--she's absolutely not right for SuperNova and will get booted off sooner rather than later. But she was beautiful tonight--her voice, the song, her skirt (didn't love the bikini top on top of that gorgeous skirt--I've got one like it in black. No, really, I do...)

    Quote Originally Posted by Rattus View Post
    I'm really not enjoying Toby, and what's more, I'm not liking the house band's arrangement . For the first time ever.
    I'm with you. I actually thought he was horrible tonight, and normally I think he does a fine (but usually bland) job. Ugh! I was sure they were going to rail on him.

    Quote Originally Posted by Krom View Post
    Oh $*^@ you Patrice. I defended you early on. Lately I've gone no worse than said you are boring. But that? That was disgusting.
    LOL! Krom, you and I usually don't agree about anything related to this season of the show but you are the king/queen of zingers! Excellent!


    Quote Originally Posted by Amanda View Post
    I wish I could see what everyone else sees in Storm. I just don't get into her at all. Not even just tonight, but even when she's at her best. I believe she really is probably good, I just don't personally see it. And I sort of wish I could.
    I'm with you sistah. I think she seems like a really nice person but she's more theater to me than rock. I hated tonight's performance and if she was trying to do a take off on Cake's version, she failed miserably. She was way off key tonight, which I would normally forgive, but the song was so forced and strained...and not in a good way.

    I liked Magni. I think he's going to win.

    (Oh, and I thought Dilana looked adorable tonight. I also enjoyed her take on the song.)

    And I know that SuperNova likes their frontman to NOT play the guitar and NOT sit down and just bounce around and be entertaining on stage... But I really like bands where the frontman/woman plays the guitar (at least for part of the set), especially during instrumental breaks. They look so silly standing there playing air guitar or "dancing" on stage. It's also more difficult to play an instrument and sing at the same time...and I suppose I admire that. But, that said, the type of bands I really like to go see aren't like SuperNova.
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