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Thread: 8/08 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Wow! All-around really good show tonight, and a couple of people absolutely blew me away.

    When I was in college, every time we won a football game people would play "We Are the Champions" up and down the halls of my dorm for at least a week. Ever since, I have really detested that song. Storm was so incredibly good singing it tonight that I not only liked it, but I'm tempted to download it! Absolutely bloody AMAZING. She probably won't win, but after this performance and the last one, I'm definitely rooting for her.

    The other standout for me was Magni. I admit, I didn't feel the Magni love last week. But not only did I think he was brave for being the first to go it sans House Band, but he was *awesome*. Great voice, great guitar playing, just overall great. If he's this good with his family there, I wish they could be there every week, because he was fabulous.

    On the other hand... I'm ready for Josh and Patrice to go. Rather pains me to say it for both of them. Patrice was an early favorite of mine, and I've liked Josh the whole way through (probably because his style is more my speed than Hard Rawk, in general). Patrice has grown incredibly tepid. I'm just not convinced that she really wants the win-- I think she can do better than she's shown. Just very forgettable. Josh was, like someone else said, the reincarnation of Bobblehead Phil, and I thought his vocals stunk. Extremely surprised to not see him in the early B3.

    BTW, at the risk of being even more a minority than admitting to like Josh, am I the only one getting kind of tired of Dilana? She's good. She's really, really good. But I was kinda "meh" about this performance, especially compared to Storm and Magni. I suspect she will probably win, and I think she's a good fit for SN. I just think that gravelly voice would be a bit wearing on an album. For me, anyway.

    I thought Toby rocked, btw. The megaphone didn't bother me a bit. Neither did Ryan's theatricality-- I'm a prog-rock fan, I like that sort of thing. I even liked Zayra tonight for more than the amusement factor, I think glam-rock suits her. I would, though, like to hear her sing in Spanish. I wonder if she'd sound better in her native tongue.

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    OMG Lukas gave me goosebumps. The only other person to do that this season so far was Dilana.

    My prediction for the final top two: Lukas and Dilana. I will be shocked to see anything otherwise.

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    Great show! I loved the performances with Gilby and Tommy Lee. They sure bring a lot of energy to the performance don't they? Dave's comment that a lot of the rockers will just disappear in front of the 3 of them is spot on. If it's difficult for some of the contestants to look good when playing with one of these guys... how will they look with all 3 of them??

    My bottom 3 last night:
    Zathura (permanent member of bottom 3)

    Top 3:

    I liked Jill, Lukas & Patrice's performances, so would rank them highly too. I like Patrice because she sings on key and is cute - but I definitely can see the "Soccer Mom" vibe, and I'm pretty sure she won't win. Has anyone else noticed that she seems to sing better on the elimination nights?? Maybe it's because she can choose a song more suited to her... and is not stuck with the limited songs provided for night 1.

    PLEASE Supernova send Zathura home. I'm sure she won't be fronting your band, so please get rid of her and her circus act. Thanks!

    I'm hoping that Magni gets the encore this week.

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    Mgni blew me away, just gave me chills.

    Am not a fan of Lukas. Interesting guy, but a rocker? Can't see it. Alternative? Absolutly.

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    Yes, Bobblehead Josh stunk it up tonight..I didnt care for that performance at all...

    As far as Dilana goes, shes just too Sass Jordan sounding for my liking.

    Storm and Lukas in the final is my prediction ..tho is will more than likely involve Dilana and/or Magni too hard to decide at this point!

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    I like Patrice because she sings on key and is cute - but I definitely can see the "Soccer Mom" vibe, and I'm pretty sure she won't win.
    Soccer Mom ?
    Suburban housewife is what you're saying.

    If that was true, I'd move to the suburbs....

    Instant Karma is a great rock anthem song which begs to be sung hard, belted out with strong, soaring, impassioned vocals.

    I have listened to Patrice's performances a lot on MP3, and love the intensity and power she can bring, but I was very dissappointed last night. Patrice did a lounge singer overaffected styling with the vocals that made it hard to listen to. Maybe she thought she had to change it up from her past performances.

    I'm siding with Supernova and give Ryan a big thumbs up, goofy antics and all. His vocals were great, even if someone rode their Schwinn across his face.

    Lukas makes one snarky comment after week one and he gets a life sentence from some of you. Give TrollBoy a break.

    He was right. Some of them don't belong there. Zayra heads the list. Followed by Chris, Jenny.....Matt and Phil ..... Dana and Josh. Haven't we slammed every one of them, too? I know I have.

    So Lukas was just being honest, to their faces. In my book, that doesn't make him a bad guy for life. Mean? Maybe. As it turns out, he really isn't all that tough and nasty.
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    Magni, Josh, and Lukas were my favorite last night.

    I totally agreed with the bottom 3.

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    Favorites: Dilana (I'm totally with Dave that if it was my call right now, she'd have the gig), Storm (anybody who can do justice to a Queen song has my vote), and Magni (I really didn't get him until the last couple weeks. Now I just love his voice.)

    Least favorites: Patrice (Soccer mom, yup, yup.), Zayra (WTF!!!???), and Lukas (the man has an OK voice, and would be fine in a glam band or alternative group. But he scoops his notes, and he comes off as a poseur, and both those things annoy the hell out of me.)

    The rest were better this week than in past weeks, but I don't think any of them hold a candle to Dilana and Storm.


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    Dilana's vocals really reminded me of Janice Joplin last night... anyone else hear a resemblance?

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    Dilana has always sounded like JJ to me, when she's singing the power notes. I don't happen to care for that sound, which is why she'll never be my favorite despite her phenomenal stage presence. I do appreciate that she's toned down the goth look lately, though. I enjoy her, but wouldn't buy an album because her voice isn't my cup of tea. I do think she'd be as good a fit for these guys as anyone… except Storm.

    I love Storm's voice, and I do think these guys would benefit from her theatrics. She's the only one I can see as equally strong in performance and recording. She's strong enough not to be overrun by the band (well, Tommy), can sing, has charisma, and is gorgeous. She's exactly what these middle-aged farts need.

    So my consistent favorites have turned out to be Storm and Magni. As much as I love Magni, I think the band would be more interesting with Storm. Since I doubt they'll pick her, though, I'll happily head downtown to see her with her band (assuming she comes back to Portland).
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