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Thread: 8/08 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Patrice- boring. She has too much Twang in her voice for me.

    Zayra - please end the misery.

    Ryan - blah. just blah.

    Josh - blah, blah.


    Storm, Dilana, Magri, Toby, Jill

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    Actually tonight wasn't that bad. Most were good. Liked Lukas for the first time. Patrice has no talent. The rest were pretty good. I am a huge Stones fan and I have to say that Ryan did the best job on a Stones song this season. I actually liked it.
    Liked Toby too.

    However, thought when Zayra stepped on stage she would sing:


    Her outfit was perfect for this song. Glam rock song from the 70's and glam rock outfit. I was sort of, kind of, impressed with her tonight for the first time.

    Storm did an awesome job with Queen and Diliana, well, the rest might as well just go home, she's going to take it.
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    Dilana, Storm, Magni, Lukas, Jill and Toby ... excellent tonight

    Patrice, Josh, Ryan ... ok tonight ...

    Zayra ... painful to watch tonight. All the Young Dudes is SUCH a great song and I could not understand a single off-key word out of her mouth tonight ... She was just awful ... please, please, please send her home already!!

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    I thought Magni stole the show tonight. (Could his baby be any cuter? Oh my goodness!)

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    does anyone know when the finale is? it may factor into my decision on who goes and who all goes...

    dilana has done it yet again. i agree with all, she has this in the bag, but it is still early though. i think storm is also doing great, but not another slow performance next week please. jill i worry about, she was good today, but she followed dilana, but she did not have that in-your-face rocker look with that performance, and that song doesnt exactly constitude loudness. interesting i havent heard that song since the 90s. lukas i have learned to accept. i think he has found his niche with the mid-90s rock band sounds of radiohead and the verve. i loved the "bittersweet symphony" a couple weeks back. patrice's colors are showing, either the competition has been up to a new level or she is not bringing it the last few weeks. i actually think the first. almost all of the bad talent is gone, and ryan has pulled a under the radar turn around it seems. he is definitely a dork, and a really sly one at that. magni has now moved in the top five, but he better watch out for ryan, who schemed his way from okay to good. though i just mute his performances, something about ryan i hate.

    toby was good, but i hate the male dancer moves. enough!

    my bottom three picks are unfortunately jill, patrice, and zayra. i predicted josh to go next week, but i am wondering if all three in b3 this week will be sent home since it will be obvious none of them have it. i like jill, but she doesnt have it. im going to say if one goes home, its going to be zayra. she just has to go this week and good riddance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LAGuy View Post
    My guess is that they haven't had time to fit them in, yet. With so many performances to get through, they can barely edit in enough of Supernova's comments -- let alone those of a guest judge. (Reports are that Butch Walker was not too pleased with the large number of his comments that were left on the cutting room floor on the first episode.)

    The tapings are still taking well over 2 hours - largely because of all the comments that Dave and Supernova make. I personally hope that a guest judge doesn't show up for at least another couple weeks.
    That makes perfect sense.

    Would a guest judge offer a fresh perspective or would they be too removed from what has taken place so far to give a fair evaluation of the performer as a whole?

    regardless.....Scotty.....beam up Zayra

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    What a fantastic show! This has been my favorite thus far . . . so many great performances.

    Dilanna did pretty well, I thought. Not fantastic, but it was good, and I definitely dug Gilby's guitarcam. John Entwistle had the same thing on his bass on The Who DVD I have, so that was a nice, if unintentional, homage.

    Ryan's performance . . . who knew this kid had it in him? This is the only Stones song I genuinely enjoy, so I was glad to see it not get butchered. I thought the whole getup and stagecraft were brill. Could he be a dark horse in the competition?

    Josh started out so well, and then he slipped into Stevie Wonder mode. And I mean the "I Just Called to Say I Love You" Stevie Wonder. The boy has potential, but needs slapped in the head or something.

    I loved Lukas' performance. The falsetto was wobbly and all over the place, but it totally works for the song. It goes without saying that he has a killer high "A." I remember when he said he didn't want to immediately reveal all the sides to his voice, so this was a performance I had been anticipating. I think it's important to remember that we can't compare it to Thom Yorke, because that recording is incomparable.

    The only one who might have out-done Lukas was Magni. I've always loved "The Dolphin's Cry" and Live, in general, so this was a treat to watch. He really killed it, solo delivery and all. And--hey! Double exposure, because he did a great job backing up Zayra on guitar and vocals.

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    am i the only one in this thread who like zayra? just because she isn't right for this band doesn't mean i don't enjoy seeing what she's going to do. some of the others (ryan, jill) are so boring they need a little spark like zayra to liven things up...

    just my opinion!
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    Wow! The bottom 3 so far are all women! Dilana (my favorite) isn't one of them but it's still a bad sign. I think she's awesome, but I'm not sure these dudes will go for a chick when push comes to shove, even though I think it would make the band more interesting (even though Magni and a couple other dudes are awesome too).

    I don't think I can vote either, since it's all by text messaging, isn't it? Not that I think my few votes would make the difference anyway.
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    What an amazing show... I figure probably this has all been said already, but I have to give my 2 cents...

    Bobblehead Phil is dead and has been reincarnated as Bobblehead Josh. God, was that ever annoying.

    Zayra will stay in for at least another 2 weeks -- the boys in the band love her.

    Dilana, Magni or Lukas will get the encore and deserve it.

    Patrice is not right for Supernova -- she looks like a schoolteacher to me (and I'm not being insulting to teachers because I am one myself) and she sounds too... blah -- that is why she is always in the bottom 3 and has a good chance to be sent home this week.

    Storm is hot. She oozes sexuality, and that comes through the TV. She rocked tonight too.

    I don't get the Ryan love. To me, he's boring. But, tonight, he rocked.

    Toby owned. Period. If it was up to me, I'd give him the encore. See above.

    However, I think it's time for Jill to go home... she knows it and so do the guys.

    On a side note... Jill did an OK job on Mother, Mother -- that is what the song sounds like, I was impressed that she didn't screw it up totally.

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