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Thread: Original Compositions

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    I love Dilana but I think that the song writing will be the deciding factor. I think Lukas is going to walk away with it now.

    I hope I'm wrong (I like Lukas too, but Dilana amazes me every time.)

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    Dilana has such a clear lead over the other singers vocally , and I'm counting only Magni, Toby, Storm and Lukas. Enough so that I expect SN to get her an opportunity to redeem herself.

    Singing is the deciding factor. Other people can write the songs or collaborate with her. And it's not as if Motley Crue had Dylan writing for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juls2 View Post
    I thought Patrice and Josh blew the others away in the song writing competition .... Lukas' was ok, as was Toby's .... Dilana's was really bad and Storm's was pretty bad too ...

    I don't even like Josh and I thought he blew them all away ....

    Dilana .... geez ... what a disappointment ... it was like a bad beach party song ... not what I expected of her at all ... I expected something deeper, darker than Beach Party Pop.
    Same here. I was totally caught off-guard by Josh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbnbama View Post
    Yeah, I have to say it....even tho I am a HUGE Dilana fan...I was not a fan of her self written tune!
    Yes, you know you're are in trouble when Gilby's describes it as "interesting". He said the exact same thing during Zayra's "this is the way we rock and roll" session (from the first webisode). I not surprised Dilana's lyrics turned out so bad. This is the woman who wrote the lyrics "Do you want to play..it's a holiday" during that same studio session.

    Someone from another board said that Patrice is an award winning song-writer, so I'm not surprised her song turned out good.

    I'm not going to bother seeing the full versions of all the rocker's songs cause I got really tired of listening to that backing track. They should have given half the rockers one track and another track to the other half.

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