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Thread: Rock Star - 8/6 Live Performance Report **MAJOR SPOILERS**

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    Thanks LAGuy, I can't wait for tomorrow night. My two faves performing together Never worry, your posts are NEVER too long

    Blues Songstres we appreciate all that you add to these posts, the two of you make us feel like we are right there.

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    Does anyone know when we'll hear their self-written songs, or is that just on the MSN broadcast?
    oh i hope it's not just on the broadcasts!! i was wondering why LAGuy and Blues hadn't mentioned anything about it in the re-cap thread - and this would explain it!!!

    For the rest of you Radiohead fans may I recommend the site linked to below. Not only is it my favorite version of the song (acoustic), but it's a Flash animation 'music video'. Absolutely brilliant.
    uncle david, THANKS SO MUCH for the link to the acoustic version of CREEP. that was GREAT to listen to!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blues Songstres View Post
    You can hear snippets of some of them on the House video on rockstar.msn.com. Don't know if they'll make it to performance shows.
    The MSN website has all of their self written songs (in their entireity) on it...watched it this morning!

    Thanks so much to Blues Songstres and LAGuy for their recaps. I won't be able to watch tonight (I'll be at the American Idol concert) so I'll have to watch the episode later but I can't wait to watch it!!!!
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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    A week with no Nirvana! I'll give a "hell yeah!" for that alone!

    Thanks for the recap, LA Guy. I'm all about Dilana, but Lukas is my close second and I'm so looking forward to him doing the Radiohead song.
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    Given the way SN has ripped the guts out of everyone who has played with one of them thus far, I can totally see why these guys might be reluctant to do it. I can't imagine Jill would want to try again. He made it way too personal.


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    Quote Originally Posted by AJane View Post
    A week with no Nirvana! I'll give a "hell yeah!" for that alone!
    No kidding. I think they've also exhausted the only ones that I know (or perhaps it just feels that way.. )

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    oh well. looks like ryan is pulling a "j.d".

    if you watch the internet show, he acts like he is the "know-it-all" of the mansion. plus he looks too carefree as well, which is all why i cant stand him.

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