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Thread: 8/02 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShrinkingViolet View Post
    Patrice seems to have lost her fire and drive and isn't commanding the stage. I'm quite familiar with the Buckley song she performed, and she didn't do it justice. She needs to project her voice more, or she will never stand a chance singing with Supernova. The tone is good, but it's sounding wimpy.
    I agree. Patrice was one of my early favorites, but she's been sounding incredibly tepid for the last couple of weeks. Like she's lost her fire, exactly so.

    I'm warming up to this season considerably, btw. Supernova has pleased me immensely in the last few vote-off decisions. (Especially getting rid of Phil. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. My fast-forward button thanks you too.) Agreed with tonight's decision, as well. Good bye, Cul-de-Sac Girl, now you'll have plenty of spa time. Okay, maybe that's a bit mean, but the "cut practice for the spa" really irks me. She's definitely incredibly talented, but I'm glad to be spared her attempt to mold herself into the "Rawk Chick" mold from here on in-- it just wasn't credible, IMO, the harder she tried the more Hot Topic she looked. I think someone [mod edit] called it perfectly by saying that she's young and she doesn't seem to have figured out what her own "singing identity" is yet, that she could just as easily mold herself into "pop chick" for AI or "country chick" for the Nashville show. She's got a great voice, so I wish her success in finding whatever niche really suits her. (I wish there were a time machine so I could swap Dana and my beloved Marty. She'd probably have been a much better fit for INXS than for Supernova, and well, we know Marty was too hard-rock for INXS.)

    I was seriously rooting for Jill to go coming into this ep. Her attitude is annoying and I'm sick of her stripper-chick routine. And she thoroughly butchered one of my favorite songs last night, as well. But I loved her "Alone" tonight-- and I hate that song. I also thoroughly, passionately hate Evanescence, and she did an absolutely beautiful job with "Bring Me to Life" last time she was in the bottom 3. If she can stop grinding and screaming and just *sing*, I think she'll last a lot longer and get a lot less snippy comments, because she's really, really good.

    Oh-- incredibly thankful to Dave Navarro for wondering why Lucas wasn't in the bottom 3. I can't stand Pepe Le Pew, I want him gone. NOW. Please. You got rid of Phil, can we go 2 for 2? I'll even say nice things about hair metal if you lose this guy!

    [mod edit] Personally, I'm kinda glad she's still around. She's horrid, but she's a really entertaining, special, intergalactic brand of bad. And watching the looks on Supernova's faces as they watch her cracks me up. I'll take hilariously-funny-bad over really-pretentious-bad any day.
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    I too am surprised that Z did not even make the bottom 3 this week, but it did mean that we did not have to watch her perform again! I hope that the next time she's in the bottom 3 that the guys from SN vote for her to leave. I can see that she does have some entertainment value for them (they seemed to be laughing at her on Tuesday), but ultimately, I think that keeping her in much longer will make the show seem more like a joke than a serious search for a lead singer.
    I won't miss Dana. She didn't have the "it" factor.
    Sad to say though, I also hope that Dilana doesn't win. She's too good for these guys and I would hate for her to have to put up with them (esp Tommy) slobbering over her all the time.

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    I liked Dana, just not for this show and the harder she tried to fit in the more pathetic (and young) she seemed. Especially getting the tattoo and then seeing what she got was even more pathetic. YOu don't get it at all about rock do you DAna? And I cringed every time she said "Hell yeah". Felt like she was going to leave the show to get in her pickup and go drink some PBR. It sounded forced to me too.

    I think she has a good voice. I liked her Who song the other night and the Animals song and arrangement last night. That is a case of where changing the arrangement worked as opposed to Z's changing the arrangement never works. And I liked her a lot. I felt she came a long way vocally, but not far eough for the band. I agreed with what they said. But that was the classiest exit I ever saw (Ty from last year, I hope you saw that as yours was the worst exit I ever saw)

    But that said, if Dana moved to Nashville tomorrow, she'd be an INSTANT country success. She has the country look and sound and could go far doing country.

    I just felt sorry for her up against these "rockers" as she had no clue about how to look or act like them and her attempts were just a little sad and a tad trying to hard but not succeeding.

    If you are rocker and want a tattoo, get a rocker tattoo. I mean, look at Dave, Tommy, Diliana, Patrice, they all have TATTOOS, not a wimpy treble clef that looks like she drew it on with a Sharpie marker.
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    Quote Originally Posted by myrosiedog View Post

    If you are rocker and want a tattoo, get a rocker tattoo. I mean, look at Dave, Tommy, Diliana, Patrice, they all have TATTOOS, not a wimpy treble
    clef that looks like she drew it on with a Sharpie marker.
    LOL - I thought it looked like it had been drawn on with blue ink bic pen. With that said, however, while I don't think she stood a chance in hell of winning, she was improving each week and at least trying, so for that reason I am somewhat sad to see her go. I think she learned a lot from being in the competition though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saige View Post
    They should have the voting count for half and the rockers score of the performance count for half or something cause the format is getting tedious. And what is the point you can land in the bottom three over and over and someone lands there once and it is bye bye. They need to revamp the show.
    I absolutely would not want the voting public to have final say over who stays and who goes. While we may tire of hearing a particular person over and over again, or feel so-and-so hasn't "brought it", the band are professionals and hear things we don't, and, of course, as mentioned by those fabulous posters who are there in person, things may sound different live than they do on television. And more importantly, all the little girlies around the globe will save certain persons because they are "cute", in which case I might as well be watching AI *shudder*.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rattus View Post
    I absolutely would not want the voting public to have final say over who stays and who goes. While we may tire of hearing a particular person over and over again, or feel so-and-so hasn't "brought it", the band are professionals and hear things we don't, and, of course, as mentioned by those fabulous posters who are there in person, things may sound different live than they do on television. And more importantly, all the little girlies around the globe will save certain persons because they are "cute", in which case I might as well be watching AI *shudder*.
    And... not only are the band members professionals, but they are also choosing the singer that they want to perform in their band. This is real life to them; money, time, and a career. They would never risk their careers because some Joe Schmoe like me is voting for a certain person over the internet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anitavacation View Post
    Well, tonight's show proves one thing....

    The call in voting doesn't work - why else would Z still be on the show?

    It's sad - very sad.
    Actually I don't think it proves that. Remember that she's only still in it because she HAS been on the block and not voted out. And then band in later weeks often moderated their comments about her and that alone can slowly cause a shift in public perception.

    Like: "now it might seem cool to vote for crazy Z, since the boys in the band apparently think there's something to her".

    The public voting on this show has been pretty good overall, actually.

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    I think a lot of people did vote for her based on what the band said. Either because the band wanted to see what she does next or because they were afraid if she was in bottom three, we would have to listen to her and she still wouldn't go.

    Based on the show Tuesday night I figured Jill would be gone nomatter what. I didn't think she could sing good enough to stay given the nastiness of the comments directed at her. So I am not surprised that Z wasn't in the bottom three for that reason.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rattus View Post
    Well, Ryan's getting the encore gives me the opportunity to leave the room and take care of a couple of things (like posting this, for example).

    Bwaaa hahaha!! I put on a load of laundry! I really don't like Ryan.
    It's glaringly obvious that Jill does not suit the band and they don't really like her - I wish both women would have been sent home last night
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    Hello all my lovelies! I am now in a work situation once more where I can post! I've been a second-class citizen for so many months, stealthily lurking the boards, printing recaps to read later, but the coast seems to be clear now to inflict you all with my posts. As this is my first in a long time it may be excrutiating!

    Anyway. Rockstar this year. Hmm.. Suffice it to say that I agree with most people posting already as in "What the heck is this band going to be? Modern punk-a*% punk music? Some Clash-type revisiting? Or is it going to be Methods of Mayhem Volume II? What exactly? I also agree that we won't know until an album comes out what they are actually going to do. They will say black is white and white is black each week just to do away with the people they don't want in their band. As is their right. I don't agree with keeping people just because they are ridiculous, though. C'mon... a double elimination wouldn't hurt you guys!

    This week's show breakdown:
    Patrice: I liked her the first few weeks. I though of her as the part of the gang of cool kids at the top of the playground, but she moved over, and decided to prove her worth by going down the slide face first. Not working for her. Pick yourself up, dust your hair off, and see if the kids will let you back on the platform. Tommy Lee completely obliterated her from the stage. I don't know, maybe one or two of them could have actually stood there with him behind them IN THIS AUDITION SCENARIO, who knows how many others could if this was a different situation. The lighting and general stage direction, even the durn cameras did her no favors. Still and all, I don't think she should have been put on the chopping block based on her performance. It was a little blah, and she was first out. The audience just didn't pick up the phone.

    ----- I forget the order, I just remembered that she was first and Dana was last. And now, in no particular order... -----

    Toby -- I thought this was really good. He's one of the cool kids on the top of the platform for me, and although this may not have been close to his best, I found it really hard to believe he landed in the bottom 5. Good looking, but I prefer Ryan, myself. yuuuuu-hu- hu-um!

    Josh-- Love this song. He did really well with it. It didn't belong on the show, but hardly anything they do on performance night does, so I won't bother with that. I couldn't stand the hat though. Give me a break! He doesn't belong here, but I agree to keeping him for awhile, giving us time to get the really horrible out of there. Also, curious to see what he comes up with for the Supernova melody next week.

    Jill-- Ohmystars. This was horrendous. The hair drove me up a wall. Mine is that long naturally, and you don't see me tossing it for all I'm worth. Idgit!
    She did well on the Heart last night, but not phenomenal, not worthy of the standing o she got from the boys.

    Zayra-- There are no words. No words for the performance, no words for her acid-trip-outfit, no words for escaping the bottom 3.

    Lukas -- This was terrible. I really didn't like him the first week. I still don't, he's not growing on me per se, but I see his appeal for the band, and am willing to let him stay on the cool kid platform based on that and the fact that his weeks between the first and this most recent one. This one had me booting him out of the park. Horrible!!!! I don't care how uncomfortable you are, just perform, don't disrepect the live and television audience by mumbling to the drummer for 90 seconds. I have no idea how he escaped the bottom 3.

    Dilana --- Woo! I loved it! I also loved her adorable boyfriend carrying her back to the stage. Props to her for showing the band what she looks like in front of them, a la Suzie.

    Ryan -- She-y-oot I love him so much. That was great! One of my all-time favorite songs and he did it so well, BOTH NIGHTS!!!!! Wooo!!!!! Taking up permanent residence on my Now Playing Tivo list.

    Storm-- I loved this. This girl rocks. Definitely my favorite cool kid. I think she could totally front this band. I agree somewhat with Lukas or Dilana filling the role, but cannot see either of them as having a recording voice. Storm can do both! Love her!

    Dana-- Oh boy. She should not have picked that song. Either one. They are phenomenal songs, but a strong voice is not nearly enough to pull them off. I thought she could stay around another week, possibly two, but then again, I never agree with His Horn-i-ness.

    I'm tired now.
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