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Thread: 8/01 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    welcome to the FORT, evilbilly!! I haven't been around long myself, but can tell you that this place is your fix for all things ROCKSTAR! LOL

    If you like spoilers, (like I do ) Wait until you get 'em from LAGuy & Blues.... you will be hooked!

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    Thanks for the welcomes, Mantenna and Patty9315. I really am enjoying this site. And I've already discovered the spoilers/teasers, although the elimination show teaser is absolutely killing me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by evilbilly View Post
    Thanks for the welcomes, Mantenna and Patty9315. I really am enjoying this site. And I've already discovered the spoilers/teasers, although the elimination show teaser is absolutely killing me.
    LAGuy and Blues Songstres are really great in setting the mood AND filling in the gaps of what actually happened and what we see. Their posts are always MUST READS!

    And welcome. We're a crazy bunch. Glad you're here!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by evilbilly View Post
    And then there's Zayra --- dear, feebleminded Zayra. I was like a lot of you, wondering why in the world she made it past the second week, but I think I've figured it out. I don't think she's being kept around for comic relief, like a lot of other people have written, although I do think it helps the show (and ratings) for there to be a designated "villain." Instead, I think she's being kept around for insurance. I mean, SN knows she doesn't stand a chance and I think she knows it too. However, the band knows that, barring some miracle, she's most likely going to hit the bottom three week in and week out. They probably also have a pretty good idea by now of who they want to front them (Dilana and maybe Lukas, though I don't know why), who might develop into that person (Magni, Storm), who is good but just isn't quite right (Dana, Ryan, Patrice, Toby), and who has absolutely no shot (Jill, Josh). But since the band is at the mercy of the public in determining the bottom three, and there could always be a night when Dilana and Storm both have off performances, keeping Zayra around saves them from having to make a difficult choice later on. As long as there's someone else in the bottom three who they know just isn't going to make the cut, they can get rid of that person and keep Zayra around as a ringer for the tougher weeks, and they have the added benefit of drawing the car wreck crowd. Every circus needs a freak show.
    Hi, evilbilly! WELCOME to the FORT!! I think you have an interesting theory about the Z phenomenon... great observations

    Quote Originally Posted by evilbilly View Post
    I have to admit, I enjoy her outfits, especially those blue pants awhile back that were so tight you could see her grandchildren.
    I laughed so hard at this, I had tears rolling down my eyes!

    BTW, I have to admit that I kind of liked her performance last night! (Hiding my head in shame) I told my hubby that I think she's growing on me, and he said, "You mean, like a FUNGUS???"
    Quote: "Going cold turkey isn't as delicious as it sounds." -- Homer Simpson

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    Quote Originally Posted by myrosiedog View Post
    watching Lukas tonight I thought to myself: He looks high on something. As soon as I thought it my husband says: Lukas is on something tonight, he looks stoned as hell.

    Did anyone else think that? He staggered a couple times and his eyes and face just looked like he was a little wasted.
    I didn't see Lukas' performance but thought that Tommy looked especially 'wired' when he was on stage...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasmar View Post
    BZ (Before Zayra), if someone had tried to convince me there was such a thing as a Charo/Bjork hybrid, I'd have laughed them out of town.

    These days, I'm convinced.

    I knew she reminded my of somebody!! Jasmar you hit the nail on the head. After her performance last night our mouths were hanging open in disbelief. I was like rubber necking an auto accident you don't want to look, but you look anyway.

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