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Thread: 8/01 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I mean when does show actually happen when supernova/the audiance finds out who the bottom 3 are and vote who goes home... I know when the show airs I was just wondering when they actually film it?

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    The performance show is recorded on Sunday. That show then airs on Tuesday; the voting takes place after it ends. The results show is taped earlier in the day on Wednesday. The bottom three is announced, and the loser going home is known then. We don't get to see it until that evening. Everything we see has happened earlier in the day. Of course, the show is edited before it makes its way into our homes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulvons View Post
    We're about to get our weekly dose of Nirvana. Thanks
    I was thinking that tonight also. They are out of songs I think. Dilana and Storm rock! If one of them doesn't win I'll be surprised. Lukas singing to the drummer, great job! Patrice sucked, too bad Tommy didn't play when Dilana sang. Hopefully this will be the week that Zayra goes home!
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    Favorite performances of the night were Storm, Ryan (I've loved that REM song since I was 12 and I think he did an excellent job), and I'm pretty sure I liked Magni too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by raisingrrrl View Post
    Josh Federline... LMAO!!!!
    JFed. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by AsIs View Post
    Me too. I really miss INXS who were professional for the most part with the contestants. Between the leering and the nastiness that these guys frequently spit out, I am so not a fan of the band they are forming. I still like the show, I just think there is no place for personal attacks. It's called constructive criticism, look it up SuperNova.
    I'll give you the leering criticism, even though a lot of the gals here leer over Toby...., but this year it's ROCKSTAR: Boot Camp. Reality.

    As has been the case all year, Dave gave the harshest criticisms last night, and he was spot on both times(also note he is not a member of the band). Most of them will be overshadowed by Tommy Lee, unless they learn to dominate the stage, and learn it quickly. His comment for Jill, who was bitchy to the band last week, was harsh, but it summed her performance up fairly well: yawn and WTF.

    The fact is that if the singer bombs, Supernova bombs. And the crowd boos, or throws stuff at them. This is not for the faint of heart.

    FORTers who attend the tapings have stated that Supernova talks to them after their performances a lot more than INXS ever did.

    edit: living in a mansion isn't like boot camp
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    this was a great show, and it was awesome to have Tommy kick it off on drums. too bad it overshadowed Patrice's performance. her voice definetly "disappeared" and i found myself enjoying Tommy and the light show.
    IMO, this should have been a song for Dilana to sing - they would have TOTALLY rocked it out together!

    Lukas lost me this week, with whatever it was that he tried to do with "celebrity skin" it's a good thing he 'fessed up and said he wasn't really feeling the lyrics/song, because that's how i felt watching him perform. and that bit with giving his back to the audience the whole time.... so not cool. i think he needs to do some damage control next week, or he's gonna go dowwwwwwwwn!

    Oh and Ladies: I was able to put in 33 votes for Toby! Thanks, Mate!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cassiefrogs View Post
    I have a question if any one is still awake... what time do they ACTUALLY do the vote for who goes home this week?
    hmmmm.. this message is a little misleading, do you think you vote zayra if you want her out?

    well, if you think that which im not 100% sure if you do.
    You vote the people you like best and want them to stay in the competition...
    maybe you know that already,
    but i got a littlebit confused by the "vote for who goes home" part of the message,
    sorry if i am terribly wrong,
    this is not meant as an insult, just a helping hand

    Best wishes
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    I think she meant when does the band vote about who goes home. Like it was mentioned earlier the elimination show is taped Wednesday morning so that's when it happens. LAGuy does a spoiler report for us and teases us about what goes down on the show. It's awesome. You should check it out later today.

    Elska, I also noticed you are from Iceland does that mean that maybe you know Magni? Is he really a big time star up there?
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    Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents...

    Storm & Dilana
    Are my absolute favs to win this thing. They are both fantastic and I would listen to them any day!!
    I really like him and thought he did a great job with Sublime, but he isn't right for this band at all.
    O...M...G... I really like Celebrity Skin and when he started singing, I was humming along and singing the words in my head and he started messing up from the very beginning of the song!! That was painful to watch.
    I don't generally care for him, but I have to admit that I really liked his performance this week. He should get the encore.
    Very improved over what she was doing at the beginning of the show.
    Jill & Magni & Patrice & Toby
    I thought they were all pretty forgettable this week. IMO, Jill is way too "Pam Anderson" and screams too much. However, it was totally sweet that they offered to bring Magni's family out to see him!!
    Oh my. She was better than previous weeks, but soooo not right. I think one thing that sounds odd to my "American" ears is how much of her accent comes through when she is singing. Most of the time when I listen to singers from any country singing in English, I just don't notice their accent but with her it is very strong. Not a bad thing, but I don't think it would be right for this band - that is on top of the fact that her voice sounds very screechy/pitchy to me. I think her voice could be very nice with something softer, but not for a rock band.

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