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Thread: 8/01 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Well, Dilana rocked the house again! I've loved all of her performances (except for the Time After Time number) and I thought this particular performance might end up being EH but WOW - when she hits those high notes! Congratulations Dilana - you're already a star. I can't wait to buy your next album - either with the guys or without.

    And now a message to SuperNova regarding Z. When I heard your comments tonight regarding Z keeps "changing it up" and that's why you haven't voted her off yet, that was the biggest load of horse **** I have ever heard on this show - EVER. The reason is quite simple and I'm rather stunned that you haven't figured this out on your own.... She can't sing and that's what is always the same, each and every time. Nothing "changing it up" about that at all. What you are doing by letting this charade continue is hurting Z, hurting fans of the show - and for what so you guys can get some cheap laughs or easy ratings? Please - you're hurting the credibility of your group and the show by doing what you're doing so give us all a break and FINALLY vote the worst singer off. Thanks. :nono

    And one last thing. Hopefully the Nirvana catalog has been exhausted on this show by now (don't get me wrong, I love Nirvana) so maybe we can move on to other artists songs, like maybe Lita Ford or Whitesnake, etc.

    Regardless, thanks for bringing the show back as I think it's a hundred times better than American Idol - even with the whole Z conspiracy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lois Lane View Post

    I always feel so bad for her. She's not my cup of tea, but just the look on her face as she tries to keep smiling while they rip her a new one. Poor girl.
    Me too. I really miss INXS who were professional for the most part with the contestants. Between the leering and the nastiness that these guys frequently spit out, I am so not a fan of the band they are forming. I still like the show, I just think there is no place for personal attacks. It's called constructive criticism, look it up SuperNova.
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    Toby, Zayra & Jill are the correct bottom 3. Toby might escape it and Dana will replace him.

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    Ryan was the best tonight, hands down!!!

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    I did not like Magni's performance and vocals tonight. Josh had very good vocals but it wasn't rock and he's just not rock at all. Ryan was pretty good and he will get the encore tomorrow. Dilana and Storm are just cruising this. Patrice was ok as was Lukas who just had his weakest perfromance yet. Toby still lacks stage presence, stiff as Ryan. Jill screams her songs and it's turning off SN. Dana is just a pretender, a rock poseur who's concept of being rock is putting on black eyeliner while sporting a sneer. If you don't have IT, you don't got IT. Zayra...what about this girl. She's really something. The band's guilty pleasure. Laughable yet comically entertaining. Like a rubbernecker, as one drives by one can't help but slow down and look at the train wreck. She's been the worst singer since day one yet escapes the brink of elimination 3 in a row! The 4th will spell her doom. I think it's time to have a dbl elimination. If Jill must go so should Zayra (even is she doesn't land the B3!).

    I have a feeling that we'll see more of Zayra even though she gets booted off. She will be in Amazing Race, Project Runway, Survivor, Big Brother, Fear Factor, etc. etc.

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    Good Show: laughter, energy and enthusiasm! I loved the intro to Dilana and that she jumped right into the song!

    WOW! I knew Dilana would go foot stompin' Tina Turner tonight. She's done hard/soft/hard/soft and now hard. Way to change it up, Dilana. After Steve delivered her back to the stage, her inner Tina really lit up - I found myself holding my breath then letting it out in a whooshing great smile. I was right there with her.

    The other change-ups I enjoyed were Ryan with the piano and Storm going soft and still. Storm took on sensuality tonight and won, while Ryan showed another side to his musical talent.

    Lukas - just say NO to the keg and then listen to the vocal coach. When are you going to give us a changed-up performance with a ballad? Maybe if Jason hears the voice you hate, he might give you kudos for trying.

    Patrice really tried - she used some of the same staging elements as in her killer elimination song last week, but Tommy with the streaming lights and spots all on him stole any show she might have had.

    If Jill could listen to Streisand and learn to train her voice out of screech range...hard, hard, hard on the ears tonight.

    Josh caught the rythmn of the Carribean, but for SuperNova? Not.

    I really liked Magni's perfomance - am liking his performances more each week - and am so glad his family is to visit.

    Toby - hmmm - very male.

    Dana - please don't get the tatoo and please learn that rock is more attitude than a curled lip and growl can convey.

    Then there is the circus performer known as Zayra. In the costume video she shared that last week's costume was bought at a Super Hero store...is that where she bought the cape she used this week. Right now I'm channeling Jane Fonda as Barbarella. I agree with those who say she is a performance artist, not a Rock Star.

    Hey - Tommy had actual comments to make tonight. Maybe they should let him drum every week in order to elevate his adrenaline and wake him up.

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    Storm really blew me away tonight. She sang with such emotion, and her voice sounded amazing.
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    I have a question if any one is still awake... what time do they ACTUALLY do the vote for who goes home this week?

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    Quote Originally Posted by anitavacation View Post

    And one last thing. Hopefully the Nirvana catalog has been exhausted on this show by now (don't get me wrong, I love Nirvana) so maybe we can move on to other artists songs, like maybe Lita Ford or Whitesnake, etc.
    I don't watch this show, but I heard the rendition of "Pennyroyal Tea" when I flipped the TV on tonight and I just wanted to cry. Wrong on so many levels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cassiefrogs
    I have a question if any one is still awake... what time do they ACTUALLY do the vote for who goes home this week?
    Voting starts right after the show finishes airing. The voting window is available for up to four hours after the show ends.

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