Oh, Speedy. Another classic! Shine on, you crazy diamond.

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I just painted my fingernails, laced up a pair of leather pants, swirled my purple feather boa around my shoulder and gave my mirror two thumbs up. No, I’m not heading to Daffy’s House of Pain and Torture. I’m traipsing to my couch to watch Rock Star in my favorite Dave Navarro outfit. Yeesh, the things us fans do…

I want to dislike her so much but I can’t. She’s unique. She’s captivating. She’s the Segway of rock-n-roll.

Tainted Love is great if you’re still wearing that little off-the-shoulder pastel number hanging in your closet since 1982.

Imitating a scene from the classic movie Showgirls, she did a little humpty-hump on Gilbey’s bumpty-bump.

Even Tommy Lee wakes up from his drunken stupor and makes a buzzer sound before lowering his hat and dozing off again.

Somewhere Thom Yorke is stabbing his eyes out with environmentally friendly pencils.

Just the roller coaster pitchiness of her voice and a guitar.