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Thread: Supernova: will the group be a success?

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    Supernova: will the group be a success?

    when all is said and done, the only thing that matters is selling copies. Will the group Supernova be successful? I have a hard time envisioning a group with Tommy Lee moving units. Maybe it's because he's too outlandish and not taken seriously. Also, all 3 guys are well over-the-hill just like the previous INXS dudes. I just don't see Supernova gaining exposure on MTV...maybe on VH1 and concert tours

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    Listening to some bits and pieces of their new sound makes me think they want to please the mass media and be commercial wh*res. Doesn't help that Lee could go at any moment. I hope they have succes but I doubt it. They should of picked the right singers from the beggining and stick to what they do best. Rock/Metal.

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    Not sure if they'll be successful in the long run but just like INXS with Pretty Vegas if Supernova gets a decent single out the door right after the show they'll move some records. If they are still together a year after the show is over I'll be surprised.
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    I mentioned this in another thread, Motley Crue is set to go on tour with Aerosmith starting in September. As far as I know, Tommy will be with them. So, I can't see this being any more than a side project.

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    I don't think so simply b/c it seems like a side project for TLee, Gilby, and Jason.

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    I had caught in an article somewhere that Vince Neil had no clue about SUPERNOVA. He fully expected to be back on Tour with Motley Cru this fall. He said he knew that "Tommy was going to be a judge on something"...

    Errr, I can't find the darn article, so it's only 2nd hand speak. But I swear Vince is going to be mighty surprised when he finds out the extent of Mr. Lee's involvement!

    IMHO, if the songs are good enough, and they choose Dilana , they could be as great as Velvet Revolver.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JR. View Post
    I mentioned this in another thread, Motley Crue is set to go on tour with Aerosmith starting in September. As far as I know, Tommy will be with them. So, I can't see this being any more than a side project.

    supernova isn't touring until 2007 are they?

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    This is from the official site.
    With "Rock Star: Supernova," the three legends will find their frontman/woman in an audition process that'll capture the attention of television viewers worldwide. One very talented singer will enter this holy (or unholy--depending on who you choose to worship) trinity of rock gods to not only record an original album, co-written and produced by the mega hot Butch Walker, but embark on a word tour starting in early 2007.

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    INXS with JD Fortune is at #22 in the top 50 grossing tours of 2006 todate with $13.9 M in ticket sales. They are 3 spots ahead of Motley Crue! This comes from Pollstar.


    So I would say that if Supernova picks the right frontperson as INXS did and gets a good single out quickly, it could be very lucrative for them $$ !

    BUT ... Pollstar indicates the Motley Crue/Aerosmith tour starts Sept 5th in Columbus, Ohio and runs through to Nov 24th! So how are they going to record an album after the show?? Tommy Lee is either:
    a) not playing with Motley
    b) not playing with Supernova
    c) not recording with Supernova
    d) or has previously recorded the percussion for Supernova tracks

    Should be interesting. The RockStar winner may find he/she needs a drummer right away!!

    As for the frontperson for Supernova, it's pretty clearly a contest between Dalana, Lukas, or Storm. The rest are just sideshows.

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