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Thread: Rock Star: Supernova 7/25/06 Recap Ė Grinding is a Matter of Perception, Kids

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    Now, everyone complained about the Metallica haircuts, and I thought it was a little ridonkuloid to get riled up about, but I have to admit that it’s getting out of control with this.
    You never fail to deliver, my friend. Another recap knocked out of the park!
    You got to cry without weeping. Talk without speaking. Scream without raising your voice.- U2

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    absolutely nothing has changed about Patrice or her delivery—only that she is dressed as a fierce Norse warrior in all that fur and hide.
    Funny stuff Manny. I definitely had a WTF moment with her outfit.

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    Great recap, Manny!

    I watched most of the episode in fast forward so it was nice to read about some of the details.

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    I'd rather see the balloon man rock out than some of the performances on the show. The balloon man also looks better in blue than Zayra.
    You, on the other hand did an awesome job. You have my vote.
    "The sun rose promptly at dawn."
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    Thanks for another super recap, Manny! I especially enjoyed Jill and Ryan's sections. Thanks for the PSA, too.

    And I donít know why Iím such a fashionista tonightóIíll try to keep it under control.

    It Doesnít Matter if it is Good; It Only Matters if it Rocks!

    I guess itís real purpose was to distract us with a shiny object. Well, I can tell you . . . it didnít wo . . . what was I saying? Yay, Lukas!

    Oh, heís crushed, all right. Lukas, as such, proceeds to mope the whole night, like a freakiní whiny emo kid. Honestly. He tries very hard to look as bored and aloof as possible for the remainder of the evening. If he could, heíd probably threaten to cut himself over his webcam. Whatever.

    OH MY G WHAT IS SHE WEARING!? Itís an electric-blue catsuit that looks like Ziggy Stardust crashed his Major Tom space capsule into a Sousa Military Band. Nice fetish outfit, Sergeant. Pepper.

    **Normally I wouldnít contribute to the delinquency of our younger members this way, but the insinuation here, kids, is that he also got some in the process. But he didnít! Take note of the wordsmithing and learn. And donít do drugs, either, or youíll talk funny like Uncle Tom here.**

    Hey, it worked for The Replacements.

    Unlike Dana, absolutely nothing has changed about Patrice or her deliveryóonly that she is dressed as a fierce Norse warrior in all that fur and hide. Seriously. Thatís unnecessary.


    Heroes and Villains

    Tommy inquires on Magni-um Opusí (superior nickname)

    I find it interesting that Supernova had problems with Magniís addition of the guitar when he actually played it, and Lukasí mostly hung there like a vestigial organ.

    Ryan Star is up next and DEFINITELY HAVING FUN. Heís smiling so much, itís obvious that heís HAVING FUN.

    Didnít Marilyn Manson break his collarbone trying to do stunts like that? And heís not even human, so you know itís dangerous.

    Gilby tries to run, but . . . no! She pursues! Itís a state of nature!

    Thereís No Such Thing as a Rock Prodigy, ĎCause Rock & Roll is Bogus

    Enter Phil, who, to all appearances, is wearing his daddyís pants and his mamaís shirt.

    My whole ďnot being a fashionistaĒ idea hasnít panned out so well, but Iíll ignore Dilanaís bizarre getup, because there are no words for that pink and black nightmare. Instead, Iíll point out that Tommy Lee looks like the Sad Clown with that awful smooshed hat.

    Thatís the spirit. If someone has a different vision than you, you FORCE them to assimilate!

    And, even more impressively, she comes back up with all her clothes intact. Hooray!

    Will anyone take Zayraís offer to ďcall me?Ē Anyone?

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    I was so hoping that Zayra would get the axe last night. But both of the bottom two sucked. Hopefully she will go next week. She has an awful voice.
    "Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans."-John Lennon

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    You've captured Phil perfectly in the balloonman stance, all gangly-limbed and off-kilter. Too funny!

    Didn’t Marilyn Manson break his collarbone trying to do stunts like that? And he’s not even human, so you know it’s dangerous.

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