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Thread: 7/25 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by myrosiedog View Post
    The Stones with degrading songs about women? OMG! How have I missed that in 30 odd years of listening to every album they've put out??? (by the way, I am a woman and a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE Stones fan and no one this year has done a single good version or even passable Stones song in my opinion)
    Brown Sugar was a double entendre song about Mexican Heroin as well as a song about a girl being sold in a slave market. But I don't think that makes it racist. Everyone thinks "That Smell" by Lynyrd Skynyrd glorifies using drugs, but actually its the opposite. And Brown Sugar is the same way. That said, Jill murdered the song, wasted her chance to sing with Gilby and alienated him by her actions (grinding and hitting him with the mic stand).
    I think Gilby was right in his criticism of Jill. Only Jagger can strut his stuff and grind and it come off as not looking bad.

    Jill looked desperate and it made Gilby uncomfortable. He's mentioned having a daughter and maybe that's why, she could be watching and he doesn't want her seeing that.

    And as for Gilby playing that song? He's a HUGE Rolling Stones fan, so I wasn't surprised to see him play that song at all. And he is the only one of SN that really seems to be taking this seriously and critiquing the rockers and taking them to task. I have to say that my estimation of him has gone up considerably since his GNR days.
    I am sorry but I have never heard it is a double entendre song about mexican heroin and I have read a lot of rock and roll books and they mostly agree that Brown sugar is about interracial sex and was originally titiled Black P--y by Jagger and was written at a time when he was in a sexual relationship with a black woman. How is it the opposite as you say, please tell me, when each vignette in the songs verses is about interracial sex? The rolling Stones are a hard rocking band that is true and are legendary but that should not blind people to the fact that they are some of the ones that are more racist and sexist than a lot of bands--they had racist statements in Some girls and also Missing you as well--and I will not go into the sexist putdowns in their songs as those references are too numerous to count(like Under my thumb).

    Brown sugar stands out for its racism, even among Stones songs, though: the first verse: Gold coast slave ship bound for cotton fields/Sold in a market in New Orleans/scarred old slaver knows he is doing alright/hear him whip the women just around midnight....

    So you think sadomasochistic sex with black slave women who cannot say no is a cool subject to write a song about? And you do not find it racist? The rest of the song is more of the same--as I said before, the song is racist, sexist and degrading.
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    I've been away and just saw this. So here are my late comments (I haven't seen the results show either).

    Lukas - The Verve's "Bittersweet Symphony" - Interesting. Sort of a punk version of a very un-punk song.

    Zayra - Blondie's "Call Me" - Screw you, Zayra. A song where you are actually allowed to sing in a monotone and you STILL screw it up. Just go away. You are weird. You are strange. But NOT in a good way. Go beat your own drum somewhere.

    Dana - Nirvana's "About a Girl" - Acoustic? Doesn't she get that's not the best place to start. But aside from that she did move quite a hell of a lot in the right direction.

    Patrice - The Black Crows "Some Remedy" - Patrice's problem, to me, is that her performances--while always pretty good--are starting to seem somewhat alike to me. Can't complain about her, but its getting harder to get excited. And yes, I came up with the above BEFORE Dave made his comment. Its just SO obvious.

    Toby - Billy Idol's "White Wedding" - Pretty good. Then again, IMO he's never had a bad performance on this show. This wasn't his absolute best IMO, but mediocre for him is better than 3/4 of these folks.

    Magni - David Bowie's "Heroes" - A bit poppish at first, but actually a very good performance. And he totally kicked out the stops later in the song. I disagree with the band that he did it wrong.

    Ryan Starrrrr - Live's "I Alone" - Not bad, but it apes Live's performance very closely. So I liked it less than the band did.

    Jill - The Rolling Stones' "Brown Sugar" - Probably her best performance. Very simple. No tricks. It worked. The outfit didn't hurt either.

    Phil - The Wallflower's "One Headlight" - "He killed it" would normally be a compliment, so let me say instead "he murdered it". It. Sucked. Bad. Go away, you Chris Gaines wanna-be. Heck, I thought it was hilarious when they showed the shot of Supernova looking TOTALLY bored. I didn't even care about his big ol' Bobblehead--he has bigger problems.

    Dilana - Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" - Did it like Cyndi (mostly) just to prove she could, I think. So much for all of that talk than she only has one sound (which if you've heard the stuff on her website was pretty clearly not the case anyway). Notice she's still pretty mesmerizing even doing a low-key song like this, and well... does anyone doubt her voice now? Bueller? Please just give her the award, er... contract already. Or maybe not. 'Cause if they did we'd miss out some more neat aired performances by her and have to wait for the album. Honestly she's so much better than all of the rest (even Toby), it's not even a mystery who SHOULD win, short of some dumb "twist". You know that saying about how you could listen to someone read the phone book and be entertained? That would be Dilana.

    Josh - Blind Melon's "No Rain" - Two words. "Bo". And "Ring".

    Storm Humongous - Dramarama "Anything, Anything" - Very good. I think she's been "off" for weeks, so this was very welcome. LOVED the stage dive, even if it's kind of passe. She gets big props for this.

    Now whoever was dumped already GOT dumped by the time I'm writing this, but I'm HOPING it was Zayra, or somehow if not her, Boring Josh or even more Boring Phil. Dana really redeemed herself. Even if I can still see the little girl playing dressup peeking out of the corners, it can't bother me that much when she's actually spitting some blood, metaphorically that is.

    Now to go look on the results show thread to see who won! (I only taped performance night, not results night...)
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    [QUOTE=jasmar;1980739I just figured out that Josh and Ryan are two separate people. For some reason, I never noticed before.[/QUOTE]

    Now, THAT is funny!

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