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Thread: Rock Star: Supernova 7/19 Recap: Unsafety First!

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    Great recap as usual!

    I especially enjoyed the title, a play on the name of a great Harold Lloyd silent movie "Safety First". I started laughing before I had read the first sentence of your recap

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mantenna View Post
    Tommy greets us with, “What’s up, kids?” Not much, Gramps. How about you?

    Next up is Dana, who is surely eager to begin her new rock & roll incarnation to the stage. She chooses “High Road Easy” by famed Canadian Idol judge Sass Jordan. Ha!

    Jenny: After a great start to the season, she began to mellow out, and despite Tommy’s fey pink blazer, they don’t like mellow.

    Who knew this was Renovate My Life? I hope that McGraw punk is nowhere around.
    Excellent job, Manny

    Great to see some love for Sass too

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