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Thread: 7/19 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trynity View Post
    What's with Magni getting the encore? I did think Magni did a good job, but did he really deserve the encore? I thought they were praising Dilana and Lukas the most?

    No surprise Jenny, Josh and Dana were in the bottom 3. Zayra was just lucky that 2 of these people went slow and acoustic the night before! I was quite surprised that Dana actually performed well last night. Who would have thought she had some rocker chick in her? I still say she belongs on American Idol. Josh did ok with his version of Heart Shaped Box, not great but way better than Come As You Are. Josh isn't right for SN either. I never thought Jenny was right nor did she have the stong vocals needed to front Supernova. No loss, no surprise, buh-bye Jenny.

    Did anyone else think her comment about "the best slap in the face" was a bit sarcastic?
    I'm thinking that they gave Magni the encore because he had a very good performance, and perhaps they don't want to continually give the encore to the same two or three people... just a thought.

    As for the "best slap in the face" comment, I was at the taping and everything Jenny said came across very sincerely. Maybe the editing gave it a different feel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasmar View Post
    The screaming is one of the things that's been bugging me, too, because most of them arre clueless about how to rock it while singing. They think rock = scream. That's what I like about Toby: he knows how to balance it all, getting the gruff rocker sound without compromising actual singing. He reminds me a little of Freddy Mercury in that sense. I also like Patrice for the same reason, although she's not quite hard enough.

    Jill and Lukas, OTOH… nope.

    This i feel is true as well. They are going to ruin their vocal chords especially if they aren't doing it right. Rocking out definitely does not mean screaming!

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