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Thread: 7/18 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    oh wow go dilana! she is clearly my favorite now. i have to watch that performance again on their home page. with that said, she is striking too early and i dont think will come out on top. i am predicting toby and storm to be the last two standing with toby winning. dilana will be in the final three.

    toby and lukas were the other two that did it in. jill is good but she really is only coasting. patrice is good, but she will eventually have to deal with dilana and storm.

    dana is not a contender and she isnt going far. neither is ryan or josh as well. magni isnt really being explosive. dana is at least going half way and so is ryan, but josh i can see placing ninth.

    jenny, josh, ryan, and dana were the worst tonight. sorry, but i thought zayra was better than last week at least. though she is also just right out of that list. my bottom three prediction is jenny, dana, and i think josh will replace ryan. jenny is going home. but that will all change if zayra gets in the bottom 3.

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    I'm not so sure this season is really all that much worse than leat year. Remember this early in last season there were still a lot of mediocre/ill-suited contestants around and Marty was still "scary". (I do agree that INXS was better band than Supernova).

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    Quote Originally Posted by CC2003 View Post
    What I look for is to see whether whatever the emotion is in the song comes through in the performance. Take Josh for instance, doing Come As You Are while smiling? Nope, doesn't work for me.
    The boy doesn't have a clue. I pegged him as a poser when he smiled his way through BC's "She talks To Angels". Oh yeah, that's a happy little ditty. Idiot.

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    Does anyone happen to know what song they jacked the riff from for the theme song? Not the chorusy high key part, the slower guitar. The riff they to commercial on after all the singers are finished but before Brooke gives the bottom 3? It's bugging me a bit.

    Anyway, I don't really get the Dilana love but unfortunately she's one of the better ones on the show. Iceman reminds me of Ty but the competition is weaker so he'll probably be in the top 5. Lukas is my favorite, but I can see how he turns people off. Those 3 plus Toby and Storm will be final 5, I think.

    The reason why this season is worse is just casting. I guess they tried to cast various styles for ratings or something..

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    Quote Originally Posted by CC2003 View Post
    Well said. I totally agree. That's the major flaw with this show. When I originally heard the concept for this season, I thought it could work as long as what Gilby said in the first episode was true, that they aren't looking to be a metal band. I thought if they just want to be a good hard rock band it could work. But no, it doesn't seem like it at all. Anything that's not a rocking song gets criticized.

    I really think Toby performed better than Magni tonight, but because Magni did the harder sounding Stone Pilots song, he gets a passing grade and Toby gets told that he must "crush it" next week.
    Actually, if you had heard all of the comments made by the band, Jason (I believe) told him that he understood what Toby was doing and he felt that he had earned the right to do a song like "Runaway Train" this week. The comments weren't as negative as it sounded due to the editing.

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    I just wanna give props to Phil's "White Rabbit"

    if the man brings his stuff like that consistently he might go far.

    honestly? these guys need to be considering what the sound is like on the radio as well as what the performance is. Dilana rocks, no question. But. If you are hearing a singer for the first time ,not seeing them, your impression is much different. The performance dynamic is more about the quality of the voice. Take away the visuals and... well. It's different. Not that Dilana doesnt have it, she does. But there are stronger singers and I'm sure the bottom line (sales) will be the bottom line. that and... I just don't see any chick touring well with these guys.

    Especially Jill, married with children.

    and Zayra looks like Rosamonde from Nate the Great. She is strange.

    Storm is awesome. She may look like Lindsay Lohan (MY comment the first time I saw her) but she has some really cool and unique ideas musically. She and Patrice just rock. I love the women so far, though, as stated, I don't think one of them will win. They will however be kept around as long as possible for leering purposes. Which is why Zayra and Lilith Fair (Ms Galt is talented and completely wrong for this band) havent gone home yet.

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    I watched this season for the first time. Lukas, Toby and Dilana are the only ones I like. Dilana is too good for the band. I think Lukas would be a perfect fit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JLuvs View Post
    I watched this season for the first time. Lukas, Toby and Dilana are the only ones I like. Dilana is too good for the band. I think Lukas would be a perfect fit.
    Glad you watched it JLuvs!!! You had some great choices....Dilana is unbelievable and I do agree that she is too good for this band but I want to continue to see her perform......

    Does anyone vote???? I'm one of those that definitely vote!
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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    Quote Originally Posted by AsIs View Post
    Can we form a circle? I will pray to the Dark Gods of Spinal Tap in a heartbeat! LOL
    I'm in. Start the chanting.

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    My favorites last night were Dilana, Magni, Toby, Jill & probably (yuck) Lukas.

    Zayra should have been gone last week and I hope we see her leave this week. She so looked like Celine Dionne singing R.E.M. off key - it made me cringe.
    I also was very disappointed with Phil's version of White Rabbit... that is an awesome rock song but his rabbit seemed to be limping.

    I agree with the posters who said that the guys in Supernova only want to hear hard rock songs. Our favorites need to start fighting more for the songs with an edge. However... if the band does not like many of the songs, why don't they make sure that the songs that are available are songs that they want to hear??
    I also agree with those of you who see a big gap between the true contenders for the job and the other performers. I won't be disappointed to see any of the others leave.
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