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Thread: 7/12 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    All right - I'm beginning to see Toby as a front man. I think I didn't care much for his song the first week because I couldn't hear the melody. I knew they would choose him for the encore and am glad they did. I also think they let Zayra slide because they gave her props for improving (slightly) over the previous night's rendition. Chris is pop and wouldn't make it much farther anyway...best to go now. I'm glad Jill toned it down and showed her non-screaming side. It's only week 2 but I think the three front-runners (at the moment) are Toby, Dilana and Lukas. I wonder, though, does a woman really stand a chance with this band?

    Oh Yea Dilana could front this band

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boop2 View Post
    Oh Yea Dilana could front this band
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    Well I can't believe Zayra survived elimination! Just like Matt, and as the band called her on it, she didn't do her homework. I was glad but not surprised she was in the bottom 3 and was pretty sure will be eliminated but surprised that Supernova selected Chris instead probably because it was his 2nd time in the bottom 3. That's the only thing I can think of since, unlike Zayra, he took the band's advice pluz Zayra sung the same song from the night before that landed her the bottom 3. It was unthinkable why a band would eliminate anyone over Zayra who did not showcase herself as much by singing a different song and who really has no clue of the band's music. I give her props though for her performances but her voice is the worst of the top 15. It is unfortunate that there are no black or asian qualifiers this time around. Mig came close last year to be the first asian to front a band

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    I don't about you guys but Lukas reminds me of one of those DragonBall Z characters


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