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Thread: Bottom 3 Predictions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockytop Chick View Post
    I think it should be Zayra, Josh, and Jill. Zayra should leave. If she's in the bottom three and they don't send her packing, I'd be surprised
    I guess you are still in the process of picking your jaw up off the floor? Was I the only one that said Chris would exit stage right? Let's see, semi boy band wanna be or saucy Latina now who does Tommy Lee favor out of those? Zayra may be next, but it just never seemed obvious that she would go before Chris. Bottom 3 2 out of 2 times ain't good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmb View Post
    If Zayra gets to the bottom 3 I'm pretty sure she'll be going home.
    I don't think that the band was impressed with her responses to their questions. If YOU were going on a show and auditioning to be in a band, wouldn't you familiarize yourself with their music??? Her excuse that she was in diapers when their albums came out was pretty lame.

    I don't even understand how she got on the show in the first place! Were there no auditions? The girl acted like she'd never heard of Motley Crue or GNR (or the band the other guy was in - I'm drawing a blank)! And then to keep her? Maybe they want to keep her around just to torture her (and us) some more. Even the other contestants looked shocked!

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