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Thread: Play Manager: "Remote Manage" one of the Rockstars with your advice...

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    Play Manager: "Remote Manage" one of the Rockstars with your advice...

    In Dilana's thread a friend of hers is posting, and at times I've been tempted to post advice. It's probably senseless, since I believe the Rockers are mostly being isolated from the rest of the world, but nevertheless the temptation is there.

    But I got to thinking... why limit this to Dilana? Why not make a whole thread about the idea in general, for ANY contestant? Let's play "manager" and see what WE would do if we had the ear of any particular rocker DURING the course of this show and wanted to help them win. It can be as specific as "Jill don't wear those hippie clothes" or as general as "Chris, try harder". It can be constructive, like "Storm, go for even a harder rock song next" or mildly disparaging, like "Magni, either bring your A game or go back and play with your ice cubes".

    Anyway, I'll start with Dilana, myself, since that's how this idea started for me. I'll pretend it's a letter to her:


    You are off to a great start! But here's the problem--this is not only a musical competition, its also a reality show.

    Beware the well known reality contest phenomenon known as "front runner backlash".

    Because you kicked @ss right off, and because it is a reality show and they don't like to be obvious, you are now at a slight disadvantage. This is not to say you can't win--you CAN--but here's what's likely to happen: a reality show designed "trap".

    At some point you will be backed into a corner. Either you will have kept doing what "works" for you and has been getting you lauded on the show, and a judge will disparage you for not breaking out and showing range OR you will decide on your own to pre-emptively illustrate your range and some judge will make a comment that you aren't being true to yourself, or that you made a misstep in song selection, or something. No matter which path you choose, you WILL get attacked from one side or the other of this issue at some point, to help the producers maintain the image that this contest is wide open (and it might be, but they usually feel obligated to reinforce the idea with designated "plot twists" like this one).

    My advice--keep with the "what works" strategy UNTIL they comment (because it will be the less harmful comment among the two possible) and THEN the following week, make it clear you are explictly following their orders and THEN change it up.

    Next up: your sense of style and your "presentation". Don't compromise TOO much, but DO change it up a bit. Look a bit different each week, even if they are minor things.

    This is Rock, so tats and piercings are more than acceptable, and frankly I think it sets you apart from most of the others (Patrice being an obvious exception). But be aware that at least some of America are wimps and scare easily, so try and not emphasize the piercings TOO much.

    Be intense during your performances, but don't forget to smile at the camera before and after them. I know it seems like a contradiction, but its like being a politician and kissing babies--its just something you have to do. You have to seem to be all warm and fuzzy AND dangerous all at once, as ridiculous as that sounds.

    And finally... you appear to be a great mimic (I've heard the Stevie Nicks, and it could be argued your "Lithium" was a supurb tribute to Cobain). Use that. But at some point near the middle, after the inevitable place I mentioned where you have to change things up, make sure you make a point of showing something which is distinctly your own voice and style. I guess the time when they ask you to write your own song would be a natural, but it might be too late. There's a Dilana "sound" obviously, and you might be smart to stick to excellent mimickry until then, but that could backfire on you as well if you haven't been able to prep people for it. Lay the groundwork and give at least one earlier peformance showing your own style somehow, even if it's just doing a cover very differently from an original artist. Choose carefully, of course.

    That's it for now!

    (Maybe next time I'll try a different Rock Star--I'm dying to "say" a few things to Jill)
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