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Thread: Judging the judges

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    Judging the judges

    (Not really judges, but you know what I mean -- who is the best at assessing the performances) I Thought we should have an on-going thread about who is the best judge and the best comments on the performances.

    Any early thoughts?

    My first impression is that Gilby showed the most promise. After the first show I felt his observations were the best and he was the only one who told someone that they sucked (when they did suck).

    As a group, I hope Dave, Gilby, Tommy, Jason, and Butch get more critical. I have to agree with another poster in the Americal Idol comparison thread about this show needing a Simon Cowell. Not Simon Cowell of course (he is the creator of boy bands afterall), but what he represents -- someone who will say what people are thinking even if it's mean and makes them come off as a jerk. As a group, the guys seemed to like just about everyone, even the ones that were quite under-whelming. I was hoping the producer (Butch) would be the one to fill that role, since I think it's harder for the other guys to really slam people who are constantly expressing their admiration for them -- but Butch seems unwilling to be overly critical.

    As I said, it'll be interesting to see who is the best as the weeks unfold, but right now I'd say Gilby has the most worthwhile comments. Perhaps Jason too, but Dave seems to like everything and Tommy just gives one word reactions.

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    I tend to agree for the moment, but I wonder how many harsh or ambivalent comments were edited out. I liked having the producer's POV about the singers' vocal qualities, how they sounded thru the mike, etc. What we got to hear of him, anyway.

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