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Thread: 7/06 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Maybe you already have one of the aforementioned virus or pieces of Spyware on that computer. Or you could be running some kind of unintentional block on Active X controls.

    Of course the actual error message might help.

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    I couldn't get past the "sign on" page when I first tried - it was flipping and doubling and making me dizzy. Then I logged onto MSN Messenger then typed Rockstar SuperNova in the browser search and it brought it right up. This evening I tried opening directly from My Favorites list and all I could pull was a black screen (noted as Not Responding.) Could be a busy site or...I'll try again through MSN Messenger.

    ETA: Yup - after I opened MSN Messenger the site from My Favorites opened right up - something for me to remember. Once in the site they say you can goto Rockstar.msn.com. I tested and that also pulls it up. The heavy graphics will probably work better with a broadband connection.
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