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Thread: 7/06 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I agree that of the 3 Matt was the best based on performance and I don't really think he should have been in the bottom 3 to begin with. I think he would do well with more of a pop band but clearly that's not SN. Also, the guys can't keep making a big deal about song selection and then keep the people who are selecting songs that obviously go against what they're looking for. It just points out that other things like audience reaction don't really matter in the end and when SN tells you to bring the rock you better not bring the pop. Thanks

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    I forgot this show had started - I missed the performance show but saw this one. Hopefully I'll start getting excited about it. Like others I keep comparing it to last season and don't really like the recycled songs (hearing Dilana do Lithium just made me miss Marty!!!). I'm kind of glad the B3 can choose their own songs as it should bring some new tunes onto the show.

    Not impressed with Chris' and Phil's WIMPY vocals. I liked Matt's Duran Duran cover but based on the Metallica dude's expression I knew he was a goner. Tommy seemed to get a little verklempt having to let one rocker go (who knew he was such a softie...). He needs to make up a patented remark so he can get through it - along the lines of "I'm sorry you're just not right for OB INXS."

    Can't wait to see all the performers next week!

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    Quote Originally Posted by maude~flanders View Post
    I was surprised by the choice to get rid of Matt. They said that of the bottom 3: Chris didn't have the vocals, Phil didn't have the performance, and Matt didn't make a good song choice. Performing and choosing songs can be taught, but if you don't have a decent voice, you don't have a decent voice. That is much harder to work with.

    I was hoping against hope that they would overlook Matt's song choice just this once, because it's the first week. I'm bummed that Dave and Supernova weren't more open to what he was trying to do. The house band really rocked that Duran Duran* song, and if Matt could've been slightly more raspy and screamy he might've sold it to the judges. Pity, because the other two just sucked horribly. Chris is sort of reminding me of Brandon from last season, like he should be singing Lynrd Skynrd with his shoes off, only he's less scruffy.

    I have no idea how Magni and Zayra escaped last night. I'm gobsmacked.

    *When I lived in Yemen we used to buy pirated cassettes for the equivalent of $2 each (can't remember how many rials). They always had lyrics in them, but the people who were transcribing the lyrics did not learn English as their first language so there were the most hysterical errors. Anyway, up until last year I had "RIO" by "DUNAN DUNAN" tucked away in a box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tribal Speak View Post
    I thought all three sucked. They shoulda booted em all, and lets get on with it. No sense in delaying the inevitable with Phil and Chris.
    Amen! But this way, they won't start having to send good people home for a few weeks.

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    Though I think Matt was the better singer of the bottom 3 last night, I wasn't surprised to see him get the boot...as I think it simply came down to who listened to the bands' critiques from the previous night and took it to heart and who did not.

    The band noted Chris's vocal limitations, he picked a song that was more appropriate to his range; Phil was told to step up the performance aspects, and at least SN thought he did (though personally I thought he looked and sounded only slightly less like he was in a haze than the night before). But after being told the night before that SN wanted him to pick something "dirty" to perform the next time around; out of all possibilities Matt picks Duran Duran...a fine band, sure...but hardly what would spring immediately to mind as "dirty." Granted, Matt did in fact "rawk" up the tune a bit, but the fact remains that he was given a simple directive and he couldn't or wouldn't follow through...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tribal Speak View Post
    I thought all three sucked. They shoulda booted em all, and lets get on with it. No sense in delaying the inevitable with Phil and Chris.

    Gad, it must be hard for Supernova to sit there pretending they are enjoying the bad performances.
    I totally agree. Now we have to listen to them perform twice again next week and one of them the following week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by horsnhound View Post
    When Matt brought the 'dirty' with Duran Duran I looked at my husband and declared his suicide. He could have chosen ANY SONG, was specifically told to bring the dirty tonight, and he chose Duran Duran? WTH???? It only further served to drive the nails further into his coffin when he declared his long time love of said band. One must remember that Supernova is the anti pretty boy band. And they are obviously looking at who these rookies influences are and if they line up ideologically with theirs. Too bad because Matt had the far more superior voice and performance of the three. Frankly he's pi$$ed me off, his poor choice ensures that I have to listen to these two posers another week.

    This is exactly what I said when I saw the show: He just committed suicide with that song choice. Well this was after I almost spit diet coke across the room and said: WTF? DURAN DURAN????

    He had more of range than the other two, better voice, stage presence, but to sing that to those guys? Hubby and I have been playing: what worse song could he have sung and the winner so far was: The Bay City Rollers and S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y. NIGHT!! Hubby even said Matt looked like a Bay City Roller.

    That was the equivilant of me being asked to cook for Emeril and making him Kraft Mac and Cheese (the orange powder kind, not the squeeze packet of cheese kind) and Mrs. Paul's fish sticks.

    And here's a secret: I used to like the Monkees, The Partridge Family and the Bay City Rollers and yes, even Duran Duran, but if I met Dave Navarro, Tommy Lee and the other two guys, NO WAY would I EVER admit to liking those bands. I'd have pulled out something fairly new and rocking as you know they've heard just about everyone and everything. I would not have gone for something from Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath or any of the older hard rock bands. Not sure what I would have chosen, but it would have been between 1-5 years old, cutting edge and ROCKING!

    Matt deserved to go because he was an idiot, good voice or not. Now get rid of Chris, Phil, Magni and Zayra.
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    All of Iceland must have turned out the vote. I was so hoping Magni would hit the bottom three. Chris with his floppy hair looks more like a pop singer and he does have a range problem. I thought Phil did better than the previous performance. Perhaps he can work on his staging. I knew as soon as I heard him say he was singing a Duran Duran song that Matt was finished. He thought he could bring the dirty by dropping to another key and playing to the front row chicks - didn't work. Next week - Magni?

    Anyway - got the same thrill and chill hearing Dilana reprise her perfomance - WOW! Lukas - hmm - looks punk but acts the coward...threw out some face and couldn't take it coming back re: who are the bottom three? Is he really strong enough psychologically to front this band?

    First night I had Dilana and Lukas as my front-runners...today, I'm leaning more toward Dilana and Storm. I can see a strong woman taking vocals with SuperNova.

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    Just finished watching the tape, my work schedule sucks so Im just geting arountd to it.
    Couldn believe the praise they gave Phil. I thought he was awful and sounded like anybody else listening to the car radio and singing along.
    Too bad supernova is more worried about song selection than singing ability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom View Post
    You have to be a Microsoft robot to use MSN. That means the combination of PC, Windows and Internet Explorer only. No other kind of computer, operating system or web browser.

    In other words, to watch Rock Star online you have to risk infecting your computer with Spyware and viruses, but oh well. Small sacrifice!
    But I *have* all that! Dell laptop, running Windows 2000, with the latest IE. Still won't load. Just throws an error and quits trying.

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