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Thread: 7/5 Season Premiere Discussion **Spoilers**

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    The show is good, but it doesn't grab me like it did last year. I don't feel the excitement at all. In fact, I didn't even vote last night.

    A few random notes:
    I can't believe they praised Jenny Galt from Vancouver, she was really bad.
    I still think Zayare was bad although she was way better than the 1st episode found on MSN.com.
    So-so performances from Ryan, Phil, Jill (the tiny one) and Magni.
    I thought they were overly harsh on the guy (Chris) who sang Roxanne....granted it was a bad arrangement......
    I really liked scary Dilana.....I'm interested to see her next performances.......she looks like she would be able to survive recording a record and a tour with SN.
    I liked the 22 year old girl but she's way too young and looks like she'd be eaten alive by these harsh old rockers.
    After reading the spoilers, I was expecting Lukas to be my fave but in all honestly, it didn't sound that good on TV.......I'm interested in seeing his next performances....great performance but soundwise, not so hot.
    All other rockers were good.......but nothing spectacular.
    Side note: I thought Dilana and Lukas were really, really into Brooke Burke!
    What was up with Dave Navarro? I was really looking forward to seeing Dave and the House band but Dave looked like he was really not into this episode at all......in fact he looked bored to tears!
    I wasn't impressed with the critiques from Gilby, Tommy and Jason....unlike last year's informative and constructive critiques from INXS.

    Best moments for me: Opening promo with JD and INXS, House Band, Dave N (although he needs to pick it up!) and Tommy Lee.

    Hopefully the intensity and anticipation will increase and the show will grab me in the next couple of episodes. But I'm really afraid that INXS and JD has broken the mold for me and I won't be able to capture the thrill and passion again.

    Of course I may deny ever having written this post in the next few weeks!

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    Hey, Trynity, is your avatar a pic of you and JD, by any chance?? If so I'm JEALOUS! (I JD!!!)
    Quote: "Going cold turkey isn't as delicious as it sounds." -- Homer Simpson

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiteWeightLiz View Post
    Hey, Trynity, is your avatar a pic of you and JD, by any chance?? If so I'm JEALOUS! (I JD!!!)
    Yes! I JD too!.....and I am a huge INXS fan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom View Post

    Major disagreement here. While the men, with only a few exceptions, are lacking this year, the women are insanely good, with only a few exceptions. Fully half of the contestants this year (4 women, 2 guys) are good enough to front a decent band, and by my count that's far better than last year, when I thought only 3 or 4 of them were (and even still, they weren't quite as good).

    They can't be blamed for that. Watch the online show on MSN. Like last year they were given songs up on a board. They could ONLY choose from those, and they were all used, I believe. Besides. even so, compare it to the dreck on Idol. It's STILL better, even if the producers aren't getting the newest music.

    I'd agree that overall the women were better than the men last night, there was nobody that I thought was "insanely good".

    On the song selection, I know that the singers are given the list of songs. However, if one is say a singer in a Black Crowes cover band, and there happens to be a Black Crowes song on the list, it is safe and easy for that singer to select the Black Crowes song. The only problem is that generally cover bands try to do the songs as close to original as possible. Now I don't know that anybody from this years show is in a cover band, but the 4 songs I mentioned earlier sounded almost identical to the original version. If I'm critiquing a performance like that, I have to knck the singer for bringing nothing original to the table.

    By contrast, I thought the girl who did Pinball Wizard was the best last night. Her voice sounded good, she had a good stage presence, and she did not try to duplicate Roger Daltry's vocal performance. I really liked how she sang the line "Sure plays a mean pinball" differently every time...and each one sounded good.

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    I'll cover the bad ones in this thread:

    The kid from Chicago simpy imitated Coldplay. Yawn.

    Mangy's stage theatrics were strange and disjointed. Maybe I lost something in the translation from Icelandic. Cocky and failed to wow.

    Jenny Galt butchered a crappy song, but I want to hear more.

    Zayare was worse, but I'd like to hear her do a song that will challenge her vocal range. 3rd worse in my book.

    ex-jock Chris wasn't horrible, just bad. Opening night is not the time to start rearranging classics.

    Phil was so embarrassing, I got up and left the room. And tonight, he'll get up and leave the stage.

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