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Thread: 7/5 Season Premiere Discussion **Spoilers**

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    ok i was wondering if this season will be better and so far it looks like it.

    hands down, dilana was the best. that was awesome! though i dont know if she will be the last female standing. i liked storm as well, but she had the opening act, and that isnt the best place to start. she could be the good performance forgotten. i also loved patrice and how she did that jefferson airplane's "somebody to love". btw, i love that song.

    i think lukas gave the best guys performance, and the only good one to me. please that josh logan guy is not cut out for this band. who is he, gavin degraw? chris definitely stunk it up with roxeanne.

    my prediction to go is zayira. chris may be given a second chance, ala j.d. from last year. and magni was average compared to him. i think zayira will do the least to save herself tomorrow night and she will go home. that is if they have to perform a song like the bottom three did last year.

    i'm rooting for dilana and storm. dont know which one yet. but dilana blew me away.

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    I'm bothered by the fact that we are rehashing songs from last year. There are thousands of songs out there and yet to hear the ones from last year, you compare them to last years singers.

    I thought most of the women rocked and I wonder how stacked the deck is on this this year to get a woman singer.

    Diliana, Jill and Patrice were my favorites. None of the guys impressed me. Roxanne singer is going to go. He just plain sucked.

    And what gets me is that these songs are picked ahead of time (by who, the band?) and the singers decide on their song and then the band says: why did you pick that? Well, they couldn't very well go pick some other song than was up on the board to choose from.

    Get better, unused songs from last year.

    And are we going to get to see any of the house footage this year and if so, where and when?

    I think that they have a better group of singers on the whole than last year. Some are medicore, some suck, but some are really good.

    And yeah, you really have to blow a song to get Dave to say it was bad. I've always thought the man was incapable of giving critisim, only praise. I guess I was wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by William13 View Post
    No one really stands out in a positive way for me, except perhaps Dilana.
    Really? I personally think that overall this group is much better than last year's pack, and last year's wasn't bad. I mean, as has been said, the guys kind of all ran together, except for Lukas and Toby, but there were easily four women who were just fantastic. Six really really good contestants is a lot in my book, and to be honest only a few of the rest are actually bad--they just haven't hit it yet.

    She is creepy enough that she has a lot of stage presence. I don't know how well she will wear week after week.
    Evidence from the Internet show and a neat video clip on her website say she will. In my mind I've seen three really good performances from her already, not just one. She's weird, sure, but Rock is one area where I personally prefer weird, versus actors or other artistic endeavors.

    I don't really like the song selection. What band did that guy singing "Yellow" think that he was trying out for? I hate Roxanne anyway, but that performance made me long for Eddy Murphy.
    Most of the songs are lovely compared to most of the dreck on Idol, but obviously they aren't going to fit all tastes. "Yellow" in the right hands is a pretty decent song actually, but it wasn't IN the right hands. Some people are bothered already by the repetition of some songs from last year, but I guess it's a matter of what CBS could clear (at least they spent money to clear good songs, even if they have to reuse them more than is ideal). You would think that the CBS/Viacomm conglomerate would have a lot of clearing power, but remember that even if THEY own the music, money still has to change hands and appear on the books for the show's budget at the appropriate rates.

    Quote Originally Posted by myrosiedog View Post
    Diliana, Jill and Patrice were my favorites. None of the guys impressed me.
    Sharing a brain time. That's my exact list too, except I'd add Lukas to it from the male side and MAYBE Toby. Maybe. And it's not like Storm Humongous (cause she is... did you SEE her?) was all that bad either.
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    Hi all,

    I'm here late...I forgot I'd see all of my old American Idol buddies. Watching live on the West Coast now, so I won't post much, but I'll be here early next time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom View Post
    Only five us watching? This does not bode well for a show that if there was any justice in the world should be pounding AI into the ground, ratings wise (but won't).

    What the heck is it about AI that draws viewers like sheep?

    Is everyone watching the dumb show with Hasselhoff? Or that Shoobie-Doobie-Dance show?
    I didn't realize it started tonight. I watched the Shoobie-Doobie-Dance show.

    Oh well, my TiVo season pass is set up so I won't make THAT mistake again.

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    Salty Sea Hag
    I'm so glad this show is back again....whee!

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    What's up with all the locked topics?
    Lukas and Dilana. Rocked.

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    The constant screaming of the audience was horribly dubbed in. I dont remember it being that bad last year.
    The house band is so cool

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    i gotta say that this group beats last year's pants off.

    now i remember why i gave up watching canadian idol.... i love this show!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lasvegasfan View Post
    The constant screaming of the audience was horribly dubbed in. I dont remember it being that bad last year.
    The house band is so cool
    It wasn't dubbed in. If anything, they muted it. The energy level at the first show was incredible and the studio audience screamed throughout (with the encouragement of the stage manager, of course). In fact, I didn't hear most of the Rockers' video profiles until tonight.

    And - yeah - the House Band is frickin' awesome!

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